WATCH: Alhaja Kaola Video and Photos Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and, Instagram: Hey readers we are once again back with another news of leaked pictures which is trending at moment. Yes, your assumption is right, we are talking about Alhaja Kaola, who is a famous radio host. People throughout the world are talking useless things. Some online videos that talk about verifying things may hardly come up. One such video by Alhaja Kaola went viral on the web. She wanted to talk about the size of her private parts and whether it was really important for her to take the marriage vows to someone who did not have the right size. Follow More Update On

Alhaja Kaola Video and Photos

It really depends on it and can worry individuals prior to the view up. In this blog, the readers will discover everything she talks about in the viral video. So continue to read to know more about the viral video. In a recent controversy with her former husband, she lodged a lawsuit alleging him of abducting her sister named Maryam Rufia’s spouse. Things are heating up and individuals are judging after long talks about fighting lives and the “feelings” (in the words of Alhaja Kaola) of supporting their lives.

Alhaja Kaola Video and Photos Leaked on Twitter

In the viral video, she says the woman has no reason to take the divorce her husband, but there are two. The first reason is that he has a small part and the 2nd reason is that he is countless (can not get a lady pregnant). She stated that husbands have every right to give divorce if they can not make their wives “feel: their intimacy. How do they know if someone is gifted or not? Her answer remains a question.

Alhaja Kaola Viral Video Scandal

She raised another most daring question and that is, how can anyone know if a private part of the man is “useful” for him? As per Alhaja Kaola, God has answered all the questions in religious books. We do not know to think this is logical, but here is the answer. If a ma has a big toe, it will be bigger. If not, it does not matter if the man is big, the big toe is small, his part is small. When Alhaja Kaola was asked about the size of her private parts, she said “It depends”. Of course, people have concerns prior to the wedding. This video creates a sensation on the web and presently circulating on every social media platform. What are your views on it, do not forget to share with us.