WATCH: Alhaja Kaola Video Leaked On Twitter, Instagram Leave Reddit, and Telegram Scandalized!



VIDEO: Alhaja Kaola Video Leaked On Twitter, Instagram Leave Reddit, and Telegram Scandalized!: Alhaja Kaola has been described by her ex-husband as an s*x addict. she said her ex-husband is jealous of her that is why he trying to destroy her life now. As per the recent viral video, a video of Akhaja Kaola and her ex-husband has been revealed on the internet. she said he trying to blackmail her. Alhaja Kaola is an Islamic Progamme presenter and Albayan with Alhaja Kaola on fresh FM Ibadan. now she is in controversy with her ex-husband. Follow More Update On

Alhaja Kaola Video Leaked On Twitter

She is also the founder of Kaola communications and the popular Kalla Travel and Tours. recently Kaola disclosed that a few years ago, her ex-husband was trying to threaten her to release her and him some n*de photos and videos, and he did the same. it is his strategy to ruin her life. Alhaja Kafilat Rufai who is popularly known as Kaola has not good relationship after they divorced. Both were married with five children before they got divorced in 2019. their married did work for only six years. and the seventh year they got separated.

Alhaja Kaola Viral Video Explained

she eventually got married after some time late. she has a reason for doing this nonsense for her by her ex-husband. he wants to create her negative identity. she claimed that he trying to blackmail her and take revenge by releasing photos and videos that expose details about her genitals. she said she does not know when his former husband recorded the videos when they were together in their marriage. she also said, he is giving treat her for ruining her life and career.

what did Kaola’s ex-husband accuse her

he did not accuse the businesswoman of making him accused of virality in their personal videos and photos. he accused her of snatching her sister. Karla’s current husband died from all the accusations against her. he said it is totally fake and nothing is the truth behind it. Before coming of Kaola’s present husband on the online broadcast, she criticized Alhaji Sharafdeen, and suggested him, she did not do much more with him while they were together.

What did Alhaji Sharafdeen say in his recent interview

he said about her ex-wife, his ex-wife has two major problems. first, she loves s*x. and secondly, she is greedy when it comes to money. she drains her clients who embark on the pilgrimage to Mecca. he said that woman, almost killed me with s*x. when we go to Haji. and I came back from Taiwan, she would not tell me rest till the next Tawwaf. this is not in off said by the ex-husband, he tells more than of it. it is not clear now who is correct, and what the reason for disclosing such nonsense things now.