WATCH: China Eastern Airlines Plane 737 Crash Video Goes Viral On Twitter, and, Reddit: A tragic incident has been reported from China where an Eastern Airlines passenger plane of the country crashed into the mountains today with 132 people on board is watched diving straight into the ground. The entire terrifying incident has been captured on the security camera. As per the latest reports, the video was captured by the security camera of the local mining company. The Civil Aviation Administration of China stated that “The Boeing 737 aircraft was flying from Kunming city to Guangzhou when it ‘lost airborne contact over Wuzhou’ city in the Guangxi region. Follow More Update On

China 737 Crash Video

Ever since the video of the incident has been surfaced online it creating havoc amongst netizens. As per several media reports, The airplane crashed in Teng county near Wuzhou and cause a huge mountain fire. Rescue workers have discovered no signs of any kind of survivors. In the video, we can see that Flight Mu5735, in its final seconds, was watched in a nosedive at a great speed prior to it crashing into the mountains.

Flight tracker FlightRadar24 viewed that the plane had sharply dropped from an altitude of 29,100 feet to 9.075 feet in 2.15 minutes. In another 20 seconds, its altitude was 3,225 feet, prior to flight information stopped. This rejection in altitude, from cruising to landing, usually takes about 30 minutes. Nervousnesses about a plan crash began when local media reported that China Eastern flight MU5735 had not reached as planned in Guangzhou after taking off from Kunming a little after 01:00 PM.

China Plane Crash Reddit

FlightRadar24 viewed no more data for MU5735 after 02:22 PM local time, when it had reached Wuzhou. A villager was cited by AFP as informing a local site that the plane had “entirely fallen apart” and he had watched closeby forest areas destroyed by a fire. Soon after the crash, a ball of fire could be watched emanating from the crash site. Rescue teams have been sent to the location as reported by AFP. Notably, shares of Boeing fell 6.8% to $179.97 in the pre-market United States trading, Bloomberg reported.

In late trading in Hong Kong, stock in Shanghai-based China Eastern fell 6.4%. This is the first fatal accident engaging a 737-800 plane since the 8th of January 2020, as per the website of Aviation Safety Network. As per Flightradar, the China Eastern jet engaged in the accident was 6 years old. The crash comes at a time when Boeing 737 Max is preparing for its re-entry into commercial service in China.

China Eastern Crash Video

This plane crash incident took place in China, a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 plane crash. There were 132 people inside a plane and they all were on board crashed in the Southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on Monday. A department of the regional emergency management has been given a statement about this tragic incident that, “China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737, and 132 were the travelers in this.”

The Boeing 737 aircraft of China Eastern Airlines, which has been in the China Eastern Airlines which was flying from Kunming to Guangzhou, and it was crashed in Tengxian County which is in the city of Wuzhou, has been seen causing a mountain fire, the department has been said by the state-run Xinhua news agency.

China Airlines Crash Video

Later there are many tweets from renowned personalities. Hence one is from Nraemder Modi too which reads, “Deeply shocked and saddened to learn about the crash of the passenger flight MU5735 with 132 onboard in China’s Guangxi. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the crash and their family members.”

Tweet from PTI reads, “Our deepest and heartfelt condolence to your the families those have lost their loved ones in this crash.”

China Plane Crash LIVE: Rescue Operation Underway In South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region:-

The rescue operation is underway after the incident in the 132 people on the board there were nine crew members, which had been met to a crash China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737.

Boeing 737 Max preparing for re-entry into commercial service in China:-

The crash took place at a time when Boeing 737 Max has been qualifying for its re-entry into commercial service in China.

Boeing had washed a Max to its fulfillment and delivery center in China’s Zhoushan for the first time since the model obtained recertification being dropped following two crashes in October 2018 and March 2019, Bloomberg conveyed earlier this month.

Shares of Boeing Fell 6.8% To $179.97 In Pre-Market US Trading:-

is a stick Trading in Hong Kong stock in Shanghai-based China Eastern fell  6.4 percent.

This incident is so disheartening and the families are so tensed so tense that they are in huge grief after losing their loved ones in such a horrible incident. The families of the passengers are now waiting for dead bodies. The entire world is sad to be read this news and there are praying for their families.

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