WATCH: DeSoto West Middle School Fight Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Reddit, and, Twitter: Recently, a video of an altercation between students and a reporter substitute teacher has gone viral on social media platforms. Since the video broke out, everyone is extremely shocked and it has become the headlines everywhere. The video has been circulating all over the internet rapidly and receiving immense attention from the netizens. The video was quite disturbing as people are stunned after seeing something like that. Many people have been sharing their opinion on the matter and trying to find out what exactly happened. People are searching online to know more details about an altercation. In this article, we are going to share all the details about the video and the incident. Follow More Update On

DeSoto West Middle School Fight Video

On 09 March 2022 (Wednesday), a video went viral on social networking sites and has been watched by many. The video contains an altercation between DeSoto West Middle School students and a reported substitute teacher. In the video, a teacher and the students can be throwing chairs at each other amidst the confrontation. There is a couple of videos of the incident that have been going viral on the internet. One of the videos was shared by the DeSoto resident Rhonda Kaye whose child is allegedly a student of the DeSoto West Middle School.

WATCH: DeSoto West Middle School Fight Video

In the video which has been removed now, Kaye revealed that the incident in the school happened in the first week of March. After that, several videos have shown the engaged faculty member throwing a chair at the student. Although, it has been believed that a student or students started throwing chairs first at the teacher who got injured. The teacher can also be seen bleeding in the video.

DeSoto West Middle School Fight Video on Twitter

As per the sources, the viral video that showcased a dispute between the students and the teacher has been watched by several people but there are no reports about what exactly happened that got intense this much. On 10 March, a statement was released by the DeSoto Police Department on Facebook in which they revealed that the investigation of the incident is ongoing. Apart from this, the local Texas Police Department also disclosed that they have planned to provide more security at the school to stop these kinds of incidents.

Although, it is also unknown what would be the duration of this extra security deployment at the school. In the post, they stated, “In response to the videos, tomorrow (Friday) there will be a larger police presence at Desoto West to prevent any further incidents. The safety and security of the children and staff members are a top priority.” Stay tuned with us to catch all the latest updates.