In today’s episode, you will see Aditya expressing his love for Malini. Just when they were enjoying some special moment they hear a sound of sneezing. Both of them step out of there room and see imlie sleeping on the floor. Aditya asks imlie why every time you have to trouble me. Imlie says I didn’t know you are sleeping in this room. Malini give imlie a shawl which Aditya gifted her some minutes ago and wrap imlie. And says just call us if you need anything. Aditya is angry.

He asks Malini why you gave that shawl to her. I gifted it to you. Then Malini says what’s wrong with you why you’re so rude with imlie. She will feel us around her that’s why I gave that shawl to her. Aditya apologises for his behaviour and goes to sleep. Imlie sits outside shivering. Mithi cries when she sees imlie news in the newspaper and recall the bitter words imlie said. She thinks her doll is alone in the city and prays god to do some magic and unite her with her father.

While making the painting Dev is the king about Mithi presence at the venue, and think what the fate is indicating him etc. Next morning Aparna do all the arrangements for the page here rituals and calls imlie for help. She searches for imlie and finds her still sleeping. When imlie stand up she falls on the floor because of fever.

Aparna calls the family members. Everybody got worried and call the cab to take imlie hospital. And ask adi to stay with her till the time they return. Adi saw Malini shawl in the room, then he comes to ask imlie why she has not used this shawl. To this imlie says my mother has taught me to not show right on someone else’s goods.
Anu looks after the arrangements. Dev jokes it’s good that we only have one child otherwise I have become bankrupt till now. Anu calls Malini but she doesn’t pick the call. Anu came to know that Malini is in sanjog hospital. She got worried and rush for the hospital. When she reaches hospital she asks what happened to Malini.

Aparna says Malini is absolutely fine it’s imlie who is sick. The doctor tells everyone that imlie is suffering from a severe infection and she might need a blood transfusion. Tripathi family says the doctor to arrange the blood group but due to the rareness doctors don’t have that. Malini tells the doctor that her blood group is O negative so she can donate it.

After sometime imlie regain her consciousness and see everyone around her. She asks why everyone is gathered around d her in the kitchen. Aparna tells her she is in the hospital because of high fever. Imlie says why you spend so much on me. Then everybody talks to her. Meanwhile, Malini says we are now blood sisters.