WATCH: Thembi Seete Dance Tiktok Videos goes viral on social media: The most appreciated reality show Gomora is now creating ca c controversy after the shot of the show has been treated by a guest in an inappropriate way on the show. This shoe is most liked and hug ly popular world side as per the concept of the show, guest appears on it and they invited on the conversation with the host. But this time the viewers of the show are against the show. So to know the whole story stay tuned to the article and list not delay any more. Follow More Update On

Thembi Seete Dance Videos

It was about the Tuesday night’s episode on the guest was MaZet. So the situation on the show was worst but ads to the viewers she should have handled it wisely not like a Nkokozo parent. Thembi Seete plays Glady asked wheelchairbound Mazet if Nkokozo will be going to be found someone who might be younger than her, and who can walk. After this the social mislead users or the fans of MaZet are now taking over to their accounts to show their different reactions to what has happened on the show.

Thembi Seete Dance Videos Viral On TikTok

This was a most unappreciated or inappropriate situation for viewers. Here are the different reactions to them.

Jay wrote, “I can’t believe that strongest personality who is a social worker too can do or say something like this to yeh renowned personality. “Ntokozo will find someone younger, who can walk.” Doesn’t a degree of social work include the two most important subjects which are psychology and disability studied?”

One more user tweeted, “This is s dusting from Glady. Glady raises a voice against the one who always use to be a supporter of her this is so disappointing as Ntokozo always supported her. But now what is doing  abrogating him and this is so wrong.”

LolithaShosha wrote, “I wish Melusi against cheated on Glady whenever he gat this chance. As for how can someone talk shit about the one who always use to support her.”

One more tweet about her reads, “Glady is a type of mother whose thinking is not a girl will ever be good enough for their sons. She is so wrong at this spot and whatever she had been said on the show is completely wrong and not acceptable at all. And after this, she is even getting ready to get back to a man who was cheated on her. I mean this is so stupid.’