WATCH: Thermobaric Weapons Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit: Eruptions from what Dmytro Kuleba the Ukrainian Foreign Minister called “horrific Russian rocket strikes” were heard in the capital of Ukraine on Friday in the middle of unverified reports that the fighting had already reached the heart of Kyiv. Videos uploaded online viewed what residents stated were Russian tanks driving through their city, and gunfire and air raid sirens were perceived in the capital. In an address on Friday (25th February 2022), Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that the country Russia was going to attempt to “destroy our resistance” overnight. Follow More Update On

Thermobaric Weapons Video

As per the latest report, one of the most brutal weapons of the world which is capable of causing horrifyingly gruesome wounds is now being used against Ukraine. It is one of the most brutal weapons of war. It pulls oxygen out of the air. The consequential blast is second only to a nuclear bomb and Russia is using it against the country Ukraine. Self-propelled numerous rocket launcher systems (MLRs) are a common feature in the armored vehicle formations of Moscow.

They carry a variety of harpoons, mostly large exhibitions of semi-guided rockets intended to hammer a target with a demoralizing barrage of explosives. But few are far more sinister. They carry scarcely fewer rockets than their cousins. But their warheads are especially more powerful. Their purpose is only to destroy ingrained positions of defenders. Forts. Bunkers. Caves. They are especially effective in urban areas.

Thermobaric Weapons Video Viral On YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit

It comes by several names. An aerosol bomb. A vacuum bomb. A fuel-air explosive. But its certain feature is the way it sucks in oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a high-temperature explosion. The enormous shockwave lasts much longer than conventional explosives. It can also deprive all the oxygen out of underground bunkers.

TOS-1 Thermobaric Rocket Launcher

24-barrel multiple rocket launcher or Soviet 220 mm 30-barre and thermobaric weapon mounted on a T-72 tank chassis. TOS-1 was designed to bombard foe fortified positions and lightly-armored vehicles and transports, in open terrain.

Their technology is mercilessly simple; a volatile mixture of vaporous fuel spreads out upon contact, mixed with the atmosphere, and then bursts a high temperature, oxygen-consuming blast. Most outbursts detonate with a flash. These can be recognized by their relatively prolonged blazing blast. The consequence is a vacuum effect that sucks in all the air from ground level and jets upwards in a huge mushroom cloud.

According to the reports, there is a piece of news coming out on the internet that the Thermobaric bomb video was getting viral. Russian troops with light armor are attempting to surround Kiev, according to the chief of Britain’s military intelligence organization. The “vast majority” of Vladimir Putin’s soldiers are believed to be pushing into Kiev, which is currently only 50 kilometers (30 miles) away. Some have entered the northern suburbs of the city, according to local defense sources. So far the Ukrainian Army has held fierce resistance against the invading army, especially in urban areas. The lieutenant general sir Jim hockenhull said that Russian forces continue to advance towards Kiev along two axes. Their motto is to surround the capital and control the population and change the regime. Attacks from Russia were coming to Ukraine.

In Ukraine, Russia continues to strike. Overnight, Russia used rocket launchers in Chernihiv and Kharkiv to execute a series of coordinated attacks on targets in Kiev. The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to put up a robust fight, focusing on protecting Ukraine’s major cities. Ukrainians were fighting “admirably” for their country, according to Western diplomats, and were able to block Russian soldiers in several metropolitan centers.

Their fear was that if Russian forces failed to complete the invasion on time when the Ukrainians fight back, Putin will begin to use indiscriminate force. They also use the devastating thermobaric bomb which fires the barrage of explosive warheads at enemy forces. People who are living in Ukraine and living in Russia, are tense, they are worried about what happens in the next few minutes. They are really really concerned about the relations between them. If both the country’s president will settle down their relations then there is the chance to overcome through this otherwise not. Western officials said that Ukraaininas were fighting admirably for their country and were able to stop Russian troops in some urban areas.

The Russian government has described kiev leaders as Nazis and drug addicts and western officials say that they are expecting will they really targeting to the Russian troops or not. Which comes under NATO. It would send more troops to Eastern Europe. There was no one fooling around the people by the Russian Government. There was a meeting organized in which 30 leaders came in the joint statement after a virtual summit hosted by Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

Reports are claiming that Russian troops have used thermobaric bombs to invasion Ukraine. Recently, the military intelligence agency of Britain has reported that Moscow’s army is advancing toward the capital of Ukraine and Russian troops are just 30 miles away from Kyiv. Since Russia has started invading Ukraine every day comes terrific news that leaves us stunned and now it has come to know that the Russian army used thermobaric bombs in Ukraine. Kindly read down the further section of this article to get more about the same headline and find out what are the new developments in the Russia-Ukraine war.

As we have mentioned above Russian troops are not supposed to retrieve and continuously advancing toward Kyiv and according to the reports some troops already have captured the northern suburbs of Kyiv but Ukrainians are taking every possible step to halt the Russians, especially in the developed and urban territories. Russian army continues to move toward the capital of Ukraine along two aces and their motive is to encircle the city, change the regime, and control the civilians said Sir Jim Hockenhull who is the Defence Lieutenant General of Defence Intelligence.

Jim Hockenhull further added, “Mosco’s army keeps striking in Ukraine and army has launched a series of attacks on their mark and the Russian army is using rocket launchers in Kharkiv and Chernihiv”. As of now, Ukraine has witnessed a significant loss of lives and its territories. The main focus of the Ukraine army is to cover the diplomates and mount a strong resistance with the focus on protecting the major cities of Ukraine from the invasion of the Russian army. As result, Ukrainian troops have halted the Russian troops in some urban territories and are fighting admirably to protect their country. Please read down the further section of this article to get more on this breaking news.

Reportedly, the president of Russia Putin has made comment on the top-rank leaders of Ukraine as Nazis and drug addicts, apart from ground warfare there is also a cold war of words between leaders of both sides. The NATO group has reported that more soldiers will be deployed in Eastern European countries. Thirty leaders stated after a summit hosted by Jens Stoltenberg that no country should be tricked by the Moscow government’s lies. Keep visiting our web page for further developments on this headline and read more news articles here.

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