WATCH: Traxxas Sledge RC Truck – Vintage Traxxas Sledgehammer RC Car Truck: An old-fashioned or vintage Traxxas macro is on for sale. This truck was bought by an old-age person who had no interest in it. According to the auction documents of this truck it is supposed to be from 1987 and it is still in commendable condition and has been maintained for over years. It is a clean truck but there was some oil on the back and dirt on the truck. Scroll down the page to take a peek at the sections given below to learn about the same headline so be sticky with us for a while on this page and show some patience and go down the page and follow this article line to line as here is everything to read about Traxxas RC Truck. Follow More Update On

Traxxas Sledge RC Truck

As all of us very well knows that Traxxas is better known for selling ready-to-race electric and nitro RC cars, trucks, and crawler. Here people can buy according to their interest. Take a look at the Traxxas Sledgehammer Chassis that comes with a 1960s car body of Chevrolet radio model RC transmitter and 2201 TRAXXAS 2013 Trip Servo. Sledgehammer has a forward/back speed controller 3006 with RS 540S motor of Traxxas. It is high-teched with a Venom 7.2V NiCad battery of 1800mAh. If you are looking for a buy of Traxxas truck then you have to pay an additional 20 USD as a shipping charge of any place in the United States of America. Kidly read down the further section to learn more about Traxxas.

Vintage Traxxas Sledgehammer RC Car Truck

The company that has made significant growth in selling ready-to-race electric and nitro-controlled vehicles over the past few years is Traxxas. It is a popular name in Radio Control and it is renowned for its innovative designs that make people easy to use radio control vehicles. Cars, quadcopters, trucks, and speedboats are the products that are being designed and manufactured by Traxxas and there are a lot of accessories for a customized experience. Read down the further section to learn more about Traxxas RC vehicle’s prizes.

Traxxas radio control vehicles start from 150 USD and it has at least 25 under performance models 350 USD. This company is endeavoring since 1986 to craft the most innovative and fastest RC machines. All the vehicles of Traxxas are assembled with rich radio systems and powerful features. Stay tuned with us for more updates and information and read other news articles here in one place.