WATCH: Video Leaked 44vibetv Twitter And Reddit, 14-Year-Old Boy Dies Falling Thrill Ride In Orlando Death Footage: A video is made around after the most disheartening incident took place at the amusement park which is in Orlando. This video is creating a shock among the viewers as the content n it harmful to ve witnessed. You guys will gonna be devastated after watching the 44 vibe tv twitter Michael Video. The day since the video has been surfaced by the user on Twitter it becomes the most discussed topic on the internet for the discussion. Stay glued to be gain more update’s on the same. Follow More Update On

Video Leaked 44vibetv Twitter And Reddit

The video has been posted by one of the users on Twitter, with the handle @44vibeTV. And the username of the account is “44vibe News”. It is a news page on which the user has been sharing viral and informative content. It is the American reporting account. with 28.5k followers. The video of the 14-year-old has been shared by 44vibetv on March 25 2022 at 9:20 PM.

In the video, we can see that the victim has been falling from the height of the “Drop Tower” while it was moving downwards. Meanwhile, the orders around him realize that he has been fell and they shouted to be called an ambulance. Later a man entered the space where the body of the 14-year-old was on the floor and he can be seen busy on the call.

14-Year-Old Boy Dies Falling Thrill Ride In Orlando Death

The boy who has been passed away during a ride is identified as a football player and was 24 years old only. He was from St.Louis and was known as “Big Tick”. His pictures are also available on the web in which you can clearly see that he was a fat kid.

Whereas in the video also it can be seen that he was in a black sweatshirt along with black bottoms. There was a bloodstain also on the floor where he fell. As per the sources, the reason behind his fall is due to the carelessness in the safety measures. As he had buckled up correctly so he fell.

Witness Statements:-

An unidentified witness has been claimed that “I’m still n a shock that something like that happened in front of me, as it is so painful to be seen that a 14-year-old lost his life.”

The 14-year-old was out with his friends and they decided to check out the new “Free Fall ride at the Icon Park”, but they weren’t aware that something like this can happen to Ivan.

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