WATCH: Video Shows Student Arrested During Lockdown At Desert Oasis High School Shooting: Recently an incident has been registered at Clark County School District where the noise of gun shooting has been heard. Reportedly, Desert Oasis High School has been locked down after the gun firing incident on the campus. Parents and people who are associated with the Desert Oasishigh school have been frightened since this news broke out on the internet and now people are worried and want to know what is the status of the investigation and who could be the suspect of this incident. Follow More Update On

Desert Oasis High School Shooting Video

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As we have mentioned above Desert Oasis High School is now on lockdown and the people who are worried after listening to this incident don’t have to worry anymore as all the students are safe and all have been reached their homes. After hearing the sound of gun firing shots school administration immediately called the police and it has also come to know that an investigation has been launched to find out the guilty party of the incident but by the time of writing this article, there is no new development on this incident.

Student Arrested During Lockdown

As per the details shared by the sources we have found that the firing incident happened around 12:15 PM on 9th March 2022 Wednesday. According to the reports, someone fired inside the radius of the school province. Due to this people have started questioning about their children who were presented in the school at that time but the school principal has released a note for all the guardians of the school students.

The principal of the aforementioned school is Jennifer Boeddeker stated that no student has been injured in this incident as all the students were in their respective classrooms and all classes were continuing. Principal Jennifer’s statement sent relief to the parents who were panicking after knowing about the incident. Now people have set their keen vision on the investigation as all are eager to know who was the culprit who has done it. We will surely update this section as soon as we get some imperative details.