WATCH: Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock in Slow Motion Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit, and, YouTube: As you all know that Will Smith and Chris Rock. Both becoming popular these days. Chris, a stand-up comedian cracked a joke on Will Smith’s wife Jaden Pinked Smith. But Will doesn’t like his so-called beautiful joke. And he slapped him on his face on the stage in front of the audience. At that time, the organizers of the show were live broadcasting it. and the whole incident was captured on camera and the online world has also watched it. Many think whatever Chris do to Will’s wife was totally wrong. He didn’t have to do this in front of the audience. Will is right in his place. Follow More Update On

Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock in Slow Motion Video

After the short video viral on the internet. Many said that the slap that Chris got was totally fake. Regarding this, many were flooded on the internet and giving their own suggestions such as Will Smith and Chris Rock pulled off the work of the decade imagine believing this was real. Fake Slap. The second one was fake though. Will Smith would not have slapped Chris Rock like that far real on live T.V. Too much class. If you watch closely in slow motion, Chris braced for the slap before it even came. They probably got paid well for that though.

Will Smith Slow Motion Video Explained

Another one. The whole Smith thing looked a bit staged to me. Chris Rock is waiting for the slap. Will Smith smirk on his way back to his seat after the slap? The slap itself didn’t even look real. Here is another one, Think the slap was real but still staged and planned. Chris Rock basically had no reaction and immediately said this is the greatest Oscar Moment.

Even many say before the ceremony, Will, and Smith planned to slap him so that he got attention and people talked about him to get the chance of becoming famous. He will probably get the money in his car when everybody was in the show. These kinds of discussions and conversations were going on on the internet. And many people believe that it was true. The reality was nobody knows what the actual truth. Maybe someone has edited the whole video and then post the video on the internet. Anything will happen in this online world. There are no restrictions on these platforms.