WATCH: Women Assaulted Inside Police Station Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Nowadays crimes are increasing day by day. We depend on the police for the safety of the netizens of the country. But what if a cop committed a crime. Yes, you heard it right. A cop has committed the crime in the police station where he was allegedly sexually assaulted inside the police station. The girl was very young. People say that she was in her 20s and she was very beautiful, good-looking and smart. Follow More Update On

Women Assaulted Inside Police Station Video

Everyone was crazy about her beauty. Whenever she crosses the road or goes into any of the streets. Everyone was attracted by her beauty. And everyone wants to make her girlfriend and spend a night with her. Perhaps the police had fallen in the beauty of the woman. And he allegedly sexually assaulted her. In this article, we will discuss the whole matter and also discuss who the woman was and what she was doing in the police station.

The incident happened at the Madeira police station in Stutterheim, Eastern Cape, where she went to the police station for some help, but later, the officer was interested in her and wanted to spend a night with her. At first, the woman did not understand why he was taking her side, pretending to be a better person. But when she understands the whole thing. She knew that something was wrong with her.

Police Station Video Women Assaulted 

The officers start touching her here and there. She didn’t like her behavior. and wanted to go home. But the officer always gives him something in which she has to stop at the police station and wait for more. After a few minutes, he was physical with her. And started doing obscene acts with her. The girl immediately stepped up and slapped him in the face. But his aggression was shown and he did s3x with her.

Whenever a situation like s3x is seen on the internet, people say that this person did not deserve to be with us. He has to die But what if a cop would do that? He also committed a crime and he definitely deserves to be punished. At present, this matter was going on and people are very angry with him. They are saying on social media that crime is a crime. It does not matter whether it is a policeman, a minister, a senior officer, or an ordinary person who has done it. Whoever committed the crime must be punished. Let’s see what happens in his scenario.