Denise Huskins’s missing case turned out to be a reality and not a hoax. Learn what actually happened. 

The Vallejo couple accused of fabricating Denise Huskin’s and her husband’s home invasion and kidnapping is responding tonight to a department apology issued more than six years ago.

It could be difficult for the victim who went through the trauma, yet not to believe in what has happened to them. Finally, Denise’s pain has been heard by everyone.


20/20 Tonight: What Actually Happened To Denise Huskins? Real Life Gone Girl Today

Denise Huskin tole AbC7 News, team reporter Melanie Woodrow, “For so many years we had to stand by silently as the entire world had erroneous talks and judgments about the worst period of our lives and who we are as individuals.”

The couple discusses being victimized twice, first by Matthew Muller and subsequently by the Vallejo Police Department and FBI, in their book name “Victim F From Crime Victims to Suspects to Survivors.”

Muller broke into their home in March 2015, wearing a full-body wetsuit, and drugged, blindfolded, and tied up the couple before kidnapping her. She later learned that her kidnapper had previously served in the military.

Learn About Denise Huskins – Wikipedia Bio

Denise Huskins does not have an official Wikipedia page. But there are many bios found while looking for her name on the web. She is a physical therapist.

Although the authorities didn’t believe in their story, Denise’s parents never gave hope. They always supported her however her world turned upside down on March 22, when she arrived at Aaron’s Mare Island home to learn he was about to reunite with his ex-fiancee.

They met each other in 2014, and despite all the hassle, they got married in 2018

Meet Denise Huskins Husband – Aaron Quinn

Denise Huskins is married to her husband Aaron Quinn on 29 September 2018. When Denise got kidnapped and Quinn sought assistance from the Vallejo Police Department, Detective Mat Mustard questioned him for hours, implying that he had murdered Denise.

However, Denise is so lucky that she got to get back to her spouse. Muller struck again in June 2015, Dublin Police Detective Misty Carausu, contacted the FBI suspecting Muller as Denise’s kidnapper.

“This story has a hero, and her name is Misty. That is something I believe she should be commended for,” Quinn stated. The couple has one daughter together named Olivia.