What Happened in Tyler Henry’s Grandmother’s Stella? Murder Case Explained



What Happened in Tyler Henry’s Grandmother’s Stella? Murder Case Explained: Netflix’s new offering Life After Death with Tyler Henry has released on the streaming giant platform on 11th March 2022 Friday. Tyler is one of the world’s accomplished and renowned clairvoyant mediums. He is showing his psychic abilities on a Netflix show titled Life After Death with Tyler Henry. This show is more than warm emotions and cold reads as there is also a real crime incident and the case he is attempting to solve is of his own family. Kindly read down the sections of this writing to learn more about this headline by scrolling down the screen. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

What Happened in Tyler Henry’s Grandmother’s Stella?

At the end of the season of the series, we got to know that Theresa who is Tyler’s mother has spent the last couple of years knowing her family’s past. Theresa found out that the lady who was supposed to be her real mother was really not that at all. Then she came to know that she was not a child of the family in which she grew up, which also gave relief to Theresa as her mother is a killer. Keep reading this article to learn further on this subject.

Tyler Henry’s Grandmother’s Stella Murder Case

The woman who was believed to be the grandmother of Tyler Henry was the murderer who had been in jail for 30 years. After knowing about his grandmother he got shocked and Theresa started looking for her biological parents. The name of Tyler Henry’s grandmother in the series is Stella who left her real children in California named Felicia and Peter for approximately 2 years. During this period she spent time in Louisiana and then she swiped newborn Therese from a hospital and also falsified her birth document. And Stella introduced Theresa as their sister to Peter and Felicia.

Stella involved her children in several scams and Stella also murdered Judy Wang who was the boyfriend of Wai Lee, Stella buried two corpses in a shallow grave with the help of her son Peter who was 18 years of age at that point in time. Then her son Peter came to know her mother slaughtered Lee and Wang to take over Wang’s motel. Once Stella was placed in charge of the Fowler motel by Wang where she used to work as a cleaner. When Wang went on a trip with her boyfriend Lee to Taiwan she was on the in-charge post of the motel. Life After Death is a summation of crimes concerned with emotional fallout.