What Happened To Antonio Straccialini? Italian Tourist Killed In Horror Shark Attack In Caribbean



What Happened To Antonio Straccialini? Italian Tourist Killed In Horror Shark Attack In Caribbean: Antonio Straccialini’s name is circulating all over the web ad he has been passed away and no more in this world. His death is making his fans devasted and they are now taking ver to Twitter to pay their tribute to him. He has been making rounds on the internet which is causing pain all among the Colombian Swimmers. He had been trapped near the water and people are so terrified to see him like this. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

What Happened To Antonio Straccialini?

An Italian touristy who has been lost his life by trapping between a bunch of sharks. Ans this happened to him while he was swimming in the sea on a reef in Colombia. Learn more about this page as Wikipedia and see whether the shark attack footage is surfaced on the web. In the footage, you guys can witness that the sharks attacked the man, and the users are so curiously talking about the viral shark video attack.

Antonio Straccialini Shark Attack Video

Tiger sharks are seen that they are rarely aggressive and they usually stay away from the busiest locations. Antonia dies in the crystalline waters of La Piscinita, a wild region of Pox Hole on the southwest shore of San Andres a fantasy atoll off Nicaragua that has been belonged to Colombia.

Antonio Straccialini was a perfect swimmer at that location which has been more likely to examine the area’s intriguing seafloor. He had been found the sharks at the last vary moment. He had been attacked by a shark and was injured.

Antonio Straccialini Shark Attack Video Explained

As per the local sources, his heart had been stopped beating and was an extended period of time by the time he had been reached at Claramec Lynd NewBall Memirial Hospital. There was nothing much that has need to be done.

Here is a statement from  Colombian Mauricio Maldonado that reads, “I saw him swim and then flop as he endeavored to glimpse the boat. He was hurt, and he was bleeding profusely. We endeavored to raise him, but he proved to be too weighty.”


“So I dove into the water, and we were able to ultimately get him onboard. He was skipping his right leg. He’d lost consciousness after being half-sliced. I’m not sure if he was yet alive when we got to the ground.”

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