13 years aged Cameron Dettore from Michigan went missing from Wolverine Lake. Is he found? Let’s know more about the 2022 update of Dettore.

Cameron Dettore is a missing kid from Michigan. It’s been nearly one year since Dettore went missing. The police department must be doing more investigation about Dettore.

So, none of the officials have shared the news of this case. But people are eager to know if the young kid was found or not. Due to the lack of information, we are unable to put on much about Dettore.

At the moment, we can just say that Dettore may be fine, and the police may soon announce the update. Below, we are going to talk more about the missing kid.


Cameron Dettore Missing Case Update: Was He Ever Found?

Talking about his missing case, Cameron Dettore has not been found yet. As per some sources, he went out on August 13, 2021, from Wolverine Lake, Michigan. Now, it has been more than six months since Dettore went away.

None of the verified sources have covered the details regarding Dettore’s case. On August 19, 2021, the Missing People In America Facebook page shared the news of Dettore.

People in the comment section have prayed for the wellness of Dettore, and they wish him good health. Not only that, they wish he may get found soon. So, the authorities must be searching for the young kid.

We are still searching for more results and will update you soon with the precise details.

Cameron Dettore Parents and Age In 2022

Cameron Dettore’s parents are extremely worried as their son, aged 13, has been missing for over six months. Furthermore, the young kid holds an American nationality.

Exploring his pictures, we can speculate that he was going to school. But since he disappeared from Wolverine Lake, Michigan, all of his family members are worried.

They are still searching for their kid, but none of them are able to find Dettore. The Facebook page named Missing People In America shares the news and found updates about missing people.

So, we can follow the page to get more updates, and they may soon announce more news regarding Dettore in the future as his well-wishers are anxious.

What Happened To Cameron Dettore?

As we know, Cameron Dettore, aged 13, went missing from Wolverine Lake, Michigan, on August 13, 2021. Not much is known about the case of Dettore, but some people may have speculated he might have been kidnapped.

However, none of these speculations are confirmed as the police department has not shared anything about it.