What Happened To Ian Huntley And Maxine Carr As Channel 5? Airs New Soham Murders Documentary – Where Is He Now? Dead or Alive?: Since a new documentary released on CHannel 5 based on a real-life incident known as the Soham murders has raised many questions among the people as people are scrounging web page for details regarding this incident and want to know what happened to Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley. The focus of the newly released documentary is on the murder of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells. Let’s take an insight into this murder case and find out what happened with Ian and Maxine, kindly follow this article line to line to get all the imperative information on this topic. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

What Happened To Ian Huntley And Maxine Carr?

According to the reports, both Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were 10 years of age when both were reported missing in 2002 in the month of August from Cambridgeshire town of Soham and later a few days both were found dead. According to the first 90 minutes of the documentary, a desperate search was onboard for the first two weeks of Operation Fincham but chronically both girls were found dead and somehow Ian Huntley’s name came forth as the prime suspect of the murder. The murder of Jessica and Holly is also known as Thornham murder. Kindly read down the further section to explore what happened with Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman before being killed.

Where Are Ian Huntley And Maxine Carr Right Now?

According to the reports, it was 4th August 2002 when prime suspect Ian Huntley lured the girls to bring them into the home, Ian is a school administrator who slaughtered the two 10 years of age girls and dumped their bodies remains in Suffolk near RAF Lakenheath in an irrigation ditch. After reporting the missing report of the two girls a high-profile investigation was launched to find the little girls but investigators could not find the whereabouts of the girls until 17th August 2002. The body remains of the girls were found by Gamemaster Keith Pryer.

Ian Huntley And Maxine Carr Channel 5 Airs New Soham Murders Documentary

After examining the circumstances of the murder case of the two girls investigators caught five mistakes of Ian Huntley as suspicious car purchase and he also turned off Chapman’s phone due to which he was apprehended by the police. On 17th December 2003, Ian Huntley faced the conviction and got two orders of a life sentence for killing two girls. While Ian’s friend named Max Sinkar was ordered to serve three and a half years in jail for being involved in the conspiracy. Currently, Ian is serving in jail at HMP Frankland and he is now 48 years of age.