What Happened To Kumara Welgama? Sri Lanka MP Dead or Alive After in attack?: Crimes happened at any time. No one predicts when it will happen. It doesn’t have any fixed dated and times that gonna alert you from the incident. People’s lives were in danger and they get the signals on how to prevent them. Some people survived it while some were not. Maybe you can say that he was saved because of luck. But luck doesn’t work every time. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


What Happened To Kumara Welgama?

Every day accidents happened. Approximately, around 400k accidents occurred in one day where some survived while some lost their lives. While some got injuries in which treatment has been going on. Recently, news has been seen out where MP Kumara Welgama was traveling in the car after a group of individuals has attacked his car and tried to rob him.

Kumara Welgama Dead or Alive?

During this incident, he got many injuries and the passers-by called the ambulance and take him to the hospital where doctors put him in the Intense care unit (ICU) as he was suffering from so many illnesses and facing so many injuries. Now his condition was severe and doctors have assigned so many nurses to measure his Bp, pulse rate, and so on. And they are taking each and every report and noting down his heartbeat rate.

Kumara Welgama Death Hoax Debunked

Doctors say, he was very serious and we can’t ignore the things. No matter what. The driver who was traveling with him also gets the injuries and they are also put into ICU. Both got severe injuries and both were in the intensive care unit. As of now, there is no improvements have been seen in their health. The situation has been informed to their families and they will come at any point. Cops started their investigation and they are looking into each and every aspect. If something would came up, then we definitely inform you.

Kumara Welgama family details

We go to many authentic websites and go various sources to get the information about his family but we don’t get the information about his family. As they didn’t mention it on any website. Talking about his nature, he is a polite, kind-hearted, and gentle type of person. If anything would come to get the details of his family then we definitely inform you. Until then follow this site.