Mary Dagen Mcdowell is a 53-year-old, American anchor who works as an analyst on Fox Business and co-hosts as a business correspondent on Fox news. 

She is a diligent and optimistic individual, who initially began her career as a financial journalist at the Institutional Investor‘s Newsletter Division.

Moreover, She is a proud wife and a compassionate person, and a persistent individual in her professional path. Let’s find out more about Dage’s health and her illness.


What Illness Does Dagen Mcdowell Have?

Dagen Mcdowell does not have any Illness currently, she is on some medication but it is unlikely to be any death-threatening disease.

Nonetheless, the journalist seems to appear fine and fit in her job, thus it is unlikely for her to face any severe disease currently.

However, the myth about her cancer is only a myth as it does not seem to be the current case.

Regardless, it is unfortunate that her mother seems to have gone through metastatic lung cancer and died due to the disease in February 2021.

Dagen Mcdowell Health Update In 2022

Dagen seems to be fine in terms of her physical health but the grief of a loved one is unlikely to go easily.

However, she seems to be performing her job well and finding solace within herself to accept the death of her loving mother.

Otherwise, the journalist is doing fine in terms of health and other aspects of life in 2022.

Dagen Mcdowell: What happened to her?

Dagen Mcdowell had gone through a heart-breaking tragedy as she lost her mother to metastatic lung cancer which had spread to her backbone and pelvis, her mother had gone through agony and pain but Dagen kept things private about the health of her mother.

She has sent a conflicting quote on world cancer day where her well-wishers and fans were concerned about her health.

Nonetheless, the tweet was likely from her mother as it stated that she had lived a long and joyful life thus Dagen seems to have quoted her mom.

Dagen Mcdowell on Instagram

Indeed the popular analyst, host, and anchor also have Instagram, where she reposted her conflicting tweet. Similarly, she also seems to post about her official works, personal life, and her cute dogs.

Her Instagram handle is @dagenmcdowel, she currently has a following of 92.5k followers who seem to engage with her posts.