Eduardo Franco, who played Argyle in the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” is Mexican-American. Seasons 1–3 and Season 4, Vol. 1 are currently available on Netflix, with Season 4, Vol. 2 set to premiere on July 1, 2022.

“Stranger Things” introduces a new character to the gang each season. Season 2 saw the introduction of Max and Murray, while Season 3 saw the addition of Robin and Erica. Eddie and Argyle are two of the most significant new characters introduced in Season 4. Eduardo Franco’s character Argyle is a member of the “Stranger Things” cast’s newly formed California section.

Eduardo Franco made his television debut in 2016 in an episode of “The Skinny” and “You Are the Worst.” From 2015 to 2017, he starred as Stu in Disney’s “Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything” and as Gavis in Tru TV’s “Adam Ruins Everything.”

“Good Game,” “Idiositter,” “The Binge,” “Superintelligence,” and “We Broke Up” are among Franco’s other film credits, although he is most known for his roles in two Netflix original series. For the first season of the TV show “American Vandal,” he played Spencer Diaz. In the film “The Package,” he played Jeremy.

Much like Argyle on “Stranger Things,” he thrives this season, giving much-needed light relief in the new episodes, which are the darkest ever for the Netflix series. Let’s hope Franco’s positive character is showcased more in the last season.

Eduardo Franco’s Biography, Race and Ethnicity

Eduardo Franco was born in the United States in Yuma, Arizona, to Mexican parents. As a result, he is Mexican-American in ethnicity. He is, nonetheless, a citizen of the United States and has an American identity.

Franco was born in Mexico to Mexican parents and reared in the United States by crossing the border. His parents and siblings lived just across the border in Mexico. When Eduardo visited Mexico, he also paid a visit to his aunt, who works in a hair shop.

He claims he enjoys cutting his hair with his aunt when he visits Mexico. Franco’s parents couldn’t financially support him, but they were and are very supportive of his acting career.

Gender And Sexuality Of Eduardo Franco

Because of his shoulder-length hair, many people believe Eduardo Frans is a trans woman. Eduardo is not transgender, as far as we know. Fans have developed a keen interest in Franco’s personal life as a result of the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

People wonder about the actor’s sexuality based on his appearance despite his lack of declaration. It would be inappropriate to provide any details regarding Franco’s sexuality until he has done so.