What is Jen Psaki’s ethnicity? How old is Jen Psaki?

Who is Jen Psaki?

Jen Psaki is the present White House secretary. She also doubles as the 34th Political advisor. She belongs to the Democratic party. Also, she previously served three different roles in the White House under the Obama administration.

These roles include Deputy Communications Director, Spokesperson for the US Department of state and the White House Communications Director.



Image credit: CNBC

What is Jen’s ethnicity?

Jen Psaki is white. She was born in Stamford, Connecticut in the United States. She also has Polish ancestry.

Jen Psaki Family

Jen Psaki’s parents are James R, Psaki(father) and Eileen D. Medvey(mother). Her parents got married in 1976. Jen is currently married to Greg Mecher who has served as the chief of staff for two Congressmen.



Image credit: Cincinnati Enquirer

Greg is 45 years now. He was born in September 1976. The two met at a Congressional Campaign in 2006. They now have one daughter called Genevieve Mercher.

Jen Psaki age

Jen Psaki was born on  1st December 1978. She is now 43 years old.



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