What Is Saudi Media Consortium Net Worth? Explained: Last week, Roman Abramovich announced his decision to put his West London club on sale from that point in time many names are coming to hear wh are supposed to own Roman Abramovich’s club Chelsea and Saudi Media’s name is on the top of the list of investors who are showing their interest in Chelsea. People have just come across this news and now they are keen to learn Saudi Media’s net worth and also want to learn why Roman Abramovich has decided to sell his club. There is a lot more to talk about this headline so be sticky with our web page for a while and read down the sections of this article it will just consume your few minutes. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

What Is Saudi Media Consortium Net Worth?

Since Roman Abramovich made it public that he want to sell his West London club many people want to know what is the reason behind his decision. Roman Abramovich is a supporter of Vladimir Putin who has also advocated for him over the attack of the Russian military on Ukraine that unleashes a huge impact on European countries due to which is not allowed to own a West London club. Now he is eyeing a good investor to sell his club. Kindly read down the further section to learn about Saudi Media.

Saudi Media is a group whose chief is Mohammad AL Khereiji who has a great ambition to own a club. Saudi Media’s headquarter is in both Saudi Arabia and Dubai and this group’s focus is on the entire Arab broadcasting industry. And Roman Abramovich is hesitant to sell the Chelsea football club to political affiliations. Since people have heard that the Saudi Media is supposed to buy the football club they are eager to learn the net worth of the group. To find out the information of the group’s net worth check out the further section of this page.

As we have mentioned above Mohamed Al Khereiji is the chief of Saudi Media and there is no doubt if he has billions of dollars net worth, the net worth of the Saudi Media is not known to us ut we have found the numbers of Mohammed Al Khereiji’s net worth which are $2.7 billion and his name is on the top of richest Arabs’ list. Keep visiting our website for more updates and read other trending news here in one place.