Audrey Holcomb, age 21, only got brief screentime in the much loved ‘Stranger Things’ but has definitely made a huge mark on the audience.

Stranger Things is a Netflix original series that has exploded in popularity. The Eighties horror spoof returns this week after a nearly three-year sabbatical, but the show and the streamer appear to be going in different paths.

Stranger Things is booming as Netflix is dwindling.

How Old Is Audrey Holcomb From Stranger Things 4?

Audrey Holcomb, the actress from ‘Stranger Things,’ is 21 years old. According to her birth information, she was born on July 7, 2000, and her star sign is cancer. She is volatile, sensitive, and dedicated, just like her zodiac sign.

She portrays the older sister of the age group of the major characters in a teen drama. Millie Bobby Brown is 18 years old, Fin Wolfhard and Gaten are 19 years old, Sadie Sink and Caleb are both 20 years old, and Noah Schnapp is the youngest of them all at 17 years old.

As a result, we can observe that, despite the fact that she plays the older character, she is not much older than the other six characters.

Audrey Holcomb Is The Actress Playing Eden In ‘Stranger Things’

Audrey Holcomb is a relatively fresh face in the entertainment industry, despite having previously worked in short films. She is one of the numerous new cast members in the critically acclaimed ‘Stranger Things’ fourth season.

The show premiered in 2016, and Netflix will premiere a new season on May 27, 2022. Audrey plays Suzie Bingham’s older sister Eden in the film. You surely recall her as Dustin’s adorable girlfriend.

One of the most memorable moments of the third season was the brief introduction of Dustin and Suzzie’s romance in the last episode. This section focuses on the extended establishment and, of course, Suzzie’s life.

Eden is seen in the episode by the Scooby gang from California watching her wild family. The group requires Suzie’s hacking skills, so they begin looking for her. Audrey manages to shine despite just having two minutes on screen. The actress has received a lot of acclaim on Twitter.

Audrey Holcomb Wikipedia Bio

She has appeared in shows such as ‘Musical Hearts,’ ‘3 Minutes,’ ‘This Is Home,’ and ‘Junior Guards,’ according to IMDb. ‘Stranger Things,’ however, is her biggest credit to yet, according to the focus.

As Corinna Hoffman in the film ‘American Cherry,’ Holcomb is expected to star. This will be released next year, and the actress only appears to be growing better following the acclaim she’s received as Eden.