Gregory Mecher is an American political figure, whose age is being one of the most searched things on the internet now. He is best known as the life partner of an American political strategist who served as White House Communication Director and, more recently, as White House Press Secretary.

Gregory served as Chief of Staff to Congressman Joe Kennedy III of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts prior to being associated with Jen Psaki. He also works as a representative money chief for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Mecher is a VIP companion of Jennifer Rene Psaki, also known as Jen Psaki, a political consultant.

What Is The Age Of Jen Psaki Husband Gregory Mecher?

Gregory Mecher’s age is still anticipated to be a mystery beginning in 2020 because there is no data on his birthday subtleties.

Mecher’s profile, unlike that of his significant partner Jen, has not been featured on Wikipedia’s page. In any event, very little information about his profile is available on the internet.

Prior to becoming recognized as Jen Psaki’s husband, he worked as an appointment money chief at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Gregory married Jen Psaki, his four-year-old love, on May 1, 2010. According to Jen’s wiki page, the couple has two children.

Moving on to his family, there is no relevant information about his parents or siblings. In any case, we’d want to refresh if it’s possible.

Explore Gregory Mecher Family Details

Moving on to his family, Gregory Mecher’s better half, Jen Psaki, was a former White House Communications Director who also served as a representative in the United States Department of State.

In terms of his educational background, he earned a BA in Communications and Television Production in 1999.

In addition, he received the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award in 2010. Psaki married Greg Mecher, then the chief of staff of Congressman Steve Driehaus, on May 8, 2010.

Mecher later worked as Congressman Joe Kennedy’s chief of staff. In 2006, the pair met at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They have two kids.

Gregory Mecher Net Worth: Is He Rich?

The estimated net worth of Gregory Mecher is supposed to be $1 to $5 million as of now. He is a native of the United States, and he currently resides in Washington, D.C. As a result, he has a place with people of American descent.

The true entire assets of Jen Psaki’s significant other’s Gregory Mecher are not yet accessible.

However, he and his significant other most likely amassed a substantial sum of money via their different profitable professions.

Meet Gregory Mecher On Twitter

Gregory Mecher cannot be found on Twitter as of now. However, there are various articles about him published on Twitter as of now.

Furthermore, he is also seen in articles mentioning his wife.

We look forward to knowing more about him and his family in the future.,