John Hui, sometimes known as Lap Shun Hui, is a Chinese American businessman. He co-founded the computer companies Everex and eMachines. Continue looking to study more about him since his net worth is also listed.

 John Hui is the second-largest shareholder of Gateway. He is also the current owner of LCD producer InFocus and the former owner of Packard Bell, a computer company.

After becoming disgruntled with Gateway’s leadership in 2006, he offered to buy the company for $450 million but was turned down.

Hui bought Packard Bell in the same year and sold it to Acer in 2008. In 2009, he purchased LCD producer InFocus, based in Oregon.


What Is The Net Worth & Earnings Of John Hui?

In March 2022, John Hui’s net worth was estimated to be 304 million dollars.

John is a healthcare entrepreneur with a track record of success and an active angel investor.

In the United States and China, he has more than 19 years of professional experience in healthcare, including digital health, physician MSO, clinical laboratory, diagnostic imaging, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

John Hui Age: How Old Is He Now?

John was born in the year 1955. His age must be between 65 and 67, even though his birth month is uncertain.

His angel investment portfolio primarily comprises healthcare information technology and medical diagnostics startups.

Before founding his own company, John worked for Fortune 500 organizations such as LabCorp, Abbott, and Schering-Plough as a sales executive.

John Hui Biography: Know About Him

Since the age of one, John has lived in Hong Kong. In 1973, he relocated to Buffalo, New York, to attend University at Buffalo, and eventually earned an MBA from McMaster University in Canada.

Hui got his start in the tech industry by helping to launch computer maker Everex in 1983.

Hui became president of monitor manufacturer Korea Data Systems USA, Inc. in 1995, which he utilized to help launch the tech startup eMachines in 1998.

Hui sold eMachines for $266 million in cash and stock to computer hardware behemoth Gateway, Inc. in 2004.

John Hui Family Timeline: Is He Asian?

John Hui is an Asian born in Guangdong Province in southern China. His family background is unknown.

Hui and his wife, former Hong Kong film actress Pauline Wong, have one son and live in Bradbury, California.

Pauline Yuk-Wan Wong is an actress who has appeared in films such as Commando Fury (1986), Dragons Forever (1988), and Pi li da Niu (1982).

He is the Chair of the Distinguish Service Award Committee of the ACHE New Jersey Chapter and a member of the Angel Capital Association’s Collaboration Committee.