Vladimir Zhirinovsky is in critical condition and on the verge of death. Meanwhile, a hoax regarding his death has hit social media.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a Russian politician. He was the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and a fierce nationalist.

The veteran politician was reported to be in serious condition in the last few days. Many local media had erroneously reported about his death.


Vladimir Zhirinovsky Has Died Aged 75- Death Cause & Illness

Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky is still alive, as mentioned on Reuters.

However, he is in grave condition fighting for his life but still could be recovered, said the speaker of Russia’s lower house of parliament.

Vyacheslav Volodin also wrote a statement on Friday, March 25, 2022, where he corrected an erroneous media report about Zhirinovsky’s death.

Nevertheless, the veteran politician is still in serious condition at the Moscow hospital.

Get To Know Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s Net Worth Here

Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s net worth is expected to be as high as $5 million USD in 2022.

He had earned his fortune from politics and as well as a lawmaker. He also inherited great wealth from his industrialist paternal parents.

His grandfather’s mill now earns $32 million each year.

According to The Washington Post, Zhirinovsky had earned around 98 million rubles ($1.7 million USD) between 2011 to 2016.


Back in February 2022, Zhirinovsky had contracted COVID-19 that had resulted in acute pneumonia.

Russia’s Ministry of Health has also commented on the politician’s condition. They have written “Zhirinovsky’s condition is assessed as stable, doctors continue to provide all possible medical assistance in this situation,”

Who Is Vladimir Zhirinovsky? His Age & Wikipedia

Vladimir Zhirinovsky was born on 25th April 1946. He is currently 75 years of age, as mentioned in his Wikipedia bio.

Zhirinovsky is the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, which was formed 29 years ago.

Professionally, the politician had started out as a lawyer.

He has been awarded the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, Order of Alexander Nevsky and Order Of Honour.

Details On Vladimir Zhirinovsky Family

Vladimir Zhirinovsky was born to parents; Volf Isaakovich Eidelshtein (father) and Alexandra Pavlovna (mother).

His father was a Ukrainian Jew from Kostopil in western Ukraine, while his mother had a Russian background, she was from the Mordovia region.

Talking about his wife, Zhirinovsky had been married to Galina Lebedeva between 1971 to 1978.

He has three grown children; two recognized sons; Igor Lebedev, Oleg Gazdarov, and a daughter named Anastasia Petrova.

Presently, his son  Igor Lebedev has already established himself as a Russian politician. He served as the former deputy of the State Duma.

Also,  Lebedev has long been a member of the liberal democratic party. He strongly follows the principles of his father.