Did Iran Ferreira signed for Vasco FC? Fans are wondering if the internet sensation finally got a professional contract.

Iran Ferreira is a Brazilian internet personality who rose to fame in a short period of time.

His football videos as well his celebrations after scoring immediately rocketed among the internet audience as many people enjoyed the clips.

It didn’t take him that long to rack up millions of views on his videos and millions of followers on socials.

Not only the general people, but even professional players started reacting to it.

With 6.8 million followers on Instagram, many people closely follow him to see his new videos.

Recently, he uploaded a video of scoring a goal in a Vasco FC shirt and inside the stadium. Likewise, other sources also posted some photos about the occasion.

Following these clips and images, many people are wondering if the personality actually signed a professional contract with the club.


No, Iran Ferreira didn’t get signed to Vasco FC but instead he was honored by the club.

According to the report published in Band News Rio De Janerio, Ferreira was invited by the Vasco FC club to honor and represent him.

It further reports that the young man spent three days in the clubs’ place.

On March 21, he got a club shirt signed by all the players of the team after his visit to the club.

The next day, he took part in some actions related to the club such as shooting drills and photoshoots.

He went there with his parents and his father was specifically happy to visit the club of his life and be welcomed by a Brazilia league legend.

On the third day, he appeared in the first podcast episode of the club’s official podcast, “Fala, Vascao”.

These sources don’t mention that Ferreira was signed professionally by the club.

So, the rumors of Iran Ferreira signing for Vasco FC are false as things are reported.

Iran Ferreira’s net worth value is thought to be around $100k- $500k.

He just recently got fame on the internet and has gained millions of followers since then.

This recognition and different events, as well as photoshoots, might have generated him a decent amount of money.

So, we can expect him to have a pretty good wealth although the actual confirmation of his fortune is not yet updated.

Iran Ferreira Age And Wikipedia

Iran Ferreira is 20 years old and he doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio page.

There is no confirmation about his exact date of birth but the recognized sources have mentioned him just entering his 20s.

As a fresh celebrity personality, Ferreira is yet to achieve something professionally and be recognized on the Wikipedia page.

You can find Iran Ferreira on TikTok with the username @luvadepedreiro.

He has a verified account with more than 10.2 million followers at the time of writing.

His videos of him playing football and doing celebrations have already accumulated over 156 million likes.,