The war between Russia and Ukraine has brought another small win for Ukraine as they were able to take out Russian Major General Roman Kutuzov. 

Major General Roman was the 29th chief of staff of the Combined Arms Army. General was ambushed by Ukraine soldiers in Donbas. He died fighting the Ukrainian army made up of both military and civilian groups.

Similarly, 49 colonels have been killed in wartime in Ukraine. A few high-ranking officers are Lt-Col Zaur Dimayev, deputy commander of the 4th battalion of the Akhmat Kadyrov of special forces regiment.


Russian General Roman Kutuzove: Wikipedia Bio, Killed By Ukraine

General Roman was a national-level athlete, he is a two-time Russian men’s curler’s champion and two-time Russian mixed champion.

In addition, he has earned significant gold, silver, and bronze medals through competitions, he was also part of FSB, and he might have secured a long career through his participation in various positions in Putin’s administration or autocratic

General Roman Kutuzov was the main leader of Russian invading Ukraine, he led the headquarters of the combined arms formation of Russia’s sprawling Eastern Military District.

Likewise, Vladimir Putin commented that Kutuzov was a pensioner pilot his plane was hit on his Su-25. Later, he was shot down by the Ukrainian defense which killed him.

Also, Russia seems to be the commander stating on Eastern Ukraine thus Vladimir wanted to go to various locations but he has been focusing his effort on the Donbas region.

According to the New York Times, Ukraine has killed 12 generals of Russia, it is full fledge honor to be of service but uncertainty of life.

What Was General Roman Kutuzov’s Net Worth?

General Roman Kutuzov’s net worth has not been disclosed but it is believed that his earnings are about 132,000 rubles. Thus, calculating General Romav Kutuzon Net worth is estimated to be around 2 million rubles.

However, the calculation of his net worth only includes his income earned by serving the country in the position of Major General and his military service thus other sources of income such as assets, and unconventional earnings are not calculated.

Here, General Roman Kutuzov might have elaborative fortune except for his military remunerations. Regardless, he might be one of the richest alongside Vladimir Putin.

Overall, Roman Kutuzov’s family might be saddened by his death, but they are likely to have considerable estate and wealth that shall bring financial stability in their respective life.