Whats Wrong With Simon Cowells Face?

The famous judge of BGT, Simon Cowell, had previously undergone botox surgery and was later removed. He had confessed that he had gone too far regarding botox and could not recognize his face; that’s why he removed it.

Recently the fans of the star have noted his new appearance, and they are concerned regarding his face, as it may have happened due to the use of botox again.

However, Simon had mentioned that the changed facial appearance was due to his healthy lifestyle and massages that had soothed his skin and made him look plump.

Nowadays, everybody is obsessed with youthful, plump looks, and botox has been the common solution to this obsession, Hollywood stars time and often use botox for plump appearances.

Simon was also fascinated by the botox looks, and he had mentioned that he had used botox previously but later on removed it after he was not satisfied with his looks.

The change in his facial appearance may also be due to the weight loss, as Simon seems to have shed a notable amount of LBS.

Simon Cowell Botox surgery

The youthful appearance caused by botox has also lured many more. Simon, the famous personality who had been the judge of favorite Shows like X-Factor UK, Britain Got Talent, America Got Talent has added the filler. 

However, he has mentioned that he had added fillers on his cheeks for the plump cheeks. However, later he regretted that he had used the filer and thus removed it.

Botox surgery has been quite common, and the ones using it look very plump and make the person’s cheeks noticeable and high, making the unique features distinct and prominent.

However, the emotional expressions are not visible on the face of those who use botox. The person looks like a robot slightly, and every emotional expressions looks similar.

Simon Cowell Botox Surgery Before And After Photos

Simon had used botox before, and he confessed that he had gone too far and removed it after he felt unrecognizable.

The use of Botox is clearly observed in the photos of the one using it, Simon had also shared his experience of the botox, and from his confession, he seemed to be unhappy after using it.

His youthful, plump look is not the cause of the botox; however, he mentioned it’s due to the healthy foods and drinking more water.