The recent incident of a Texas School shooting has enraged many parents, who have complained that the Police were slow to take action. 

A mother, Angeli Rose Gomez, was handcuffed for trying to interfere with the active investigation.

A mother of the victim of the Robb Elementary School shooting, Angeli Rose Gomez, has complained that the children lost their lives due to the negligence of the Police.

Angeli and several other parents of the children inside the school were constantly begging the Police to enter the school. At the same time, the gunman raged in violence and continued taking numerous innocent lives. 

They believe that the Police were slow to take action, and it cost the life of their innocent children.


Who is Angeli Rose Gomez?

Angeli Rose Gomez was the mother of one of the children inside the Robb Elementary School, who got shot mercilessly by the 18-year-old gunman. 

According to Angeli Rose, she was handcuffed by a US Marshal while she pleaded with the Police to take immediate action and stop the massacre. However, the US Marshal’s Office has denied the allegations and said that they “maintained order and peace among the grieving community gathering around the school.”

In a chaotic scene, Gomez said she witnessed one parent spraying pepper and the other being shot to the ground by cops.

Gomez witnessed Police use a teaser on a parent approaching a bus to collect up his child after the shooter was shot and killed by law enforcement.

“He didn’t do it to the shooter, but he did it to us. That’s what it felt like,” she said.

Why was Angeli Rose Arrested?

As per her statement, Angeli Rose Gomez was handcuffed when she tried to jump the fence while the Police were waiting outside and not doing anything to stop the gunman from killing innocent children at Robb Elementary School. 

She was handcuffed by a US marshal and uncuffed after being identified by several police officers.

She hopped the fence and walked inside the school after being released, and she went out with her two children.

However, Angeli Rose was not arrested. She was only temporarily held in handcuffs by a US Marshal who said they were trying to control the chaos outside the school without disrupting the ongoing investigation.

Where is Angeli Rose Now?

Angeli Rose Gomez is being praised as a hero who did what the police officers securing the perimeter outside the school couldn’t do.

Angeli Rose is complaining about the police force’s inadequacy and the lack of effort they displayed in handling the case of Robb Elementary School at Uvalde, Texas. 

Her statements are raising the attention of the concerned authority and the general public, who demand a severe investigation in this case and are questioning the police force’s capabilities in handling a grave situation.