Russ Faria is the husband of Betsy Faria who got convicted for her murder but was later released as innocent. People are searching where he is today and if he married his new girlfriend Carol Alford.

Russ Faria discovered his wife, Elizabeth “Betsy” Faria, dead in their Troy, Missouri home on December 27, 2011. He was framed in the case.

Pamela Hupp, Betsy’s friend, initially accused him of the murder, as a result, he was sentenced to prison. But eventually, the truth came out and it was Pamela herself who murdered her best friend.

Pamela is the subject of the new NBC limited series “The Thing About Pam,” which is based on the Dateline NBC audio series of the same name. Russ can be seen making an appearance in the series.


Where Is Russ Faria Today? Betsy Faria Husband After Proven Innocent

Russ Faria started to move on with his life, optimistic about his freedom, starting a life with his new girlfriend Carol. He is living happily with her as of current times.

Although Russ was initially convicted for the murder of his wife Betsy Furia, he was later proven innocent as more evidence pointed towards Pam Hupp.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of release with an extra 30 years in prison to add for the crimes.

Nonetheless, he maintained his innocence throughout the process and as a result, he appealed his conviction whenever he could. Thus, resulting in an overturned verdict and a retrial when new evidence became available.

Because every piece of evidence was permitted to be given to the jury this time, Russ was acquitted in 2015, and he was let free after spending nearly four years in prison without due process.

Russ launched a civil claim against the police and prosecutor who were initially in charge of his wife’s case for neglecting exculpatory evidence, which was resolved for more than $2 million in 2020.

Nowadays, he is slowly but steadily going forward to the best of his abilities, all the while keeping Betsy’s memory alive in his heart.

He now works at a motorcycle store and volunteers for the Midwest Innocence Project.

Is Russ Faria Married To New Girlfriend Carol Alford?

Russ Faria is reportedly in a new relationship but no, he has not married yet.

He has rekindled his romance with his new girlfriend, Carol Alford McAfee. They allegedly met as a result of Pamela Hupp’s first criminal case back in 2018.

Hupp contacted Carol as one of the persons she wanted to talk to before she shot Gumpenberger.

They’ve been dating since June 2021. They seem to be in a serious long-lasting relationship.

She is on Instagram as @carol.alford.75 and can be seen spending most of her time with Russ. She posts very often about Russ.

Russ Faria Engagement Rumors With Carol Alford

Russ Faria and Carol Alford are reportedly going official, as their engagement rumors are hitting the internet.

They are believed to have gotten engaged, however, there is no truth to that. A close alibi to Russ had mentioned the couple being engaged in October of last year.

Nevertheless, the couple can also be seen spending time at the beach, hiking, and riding their bikes.