Colton is reported to be living in Eagle County, Colo, as he seems to have graduated from Victory College in 2019. What Happened To Him? Continue reading. 

Since his heavenly experience, Colton Burpo also regularly travels to cities like New York and Los Angeles to spread his story and appear on television. 

Moreover, Colton is the son of Todd Burpo and Sonja Burpo. Besides, Todd is the author of the 2010 New York Times best-selling Christian book Heaven Is for Real. 


Additionally, a variety of Christians have expressed questions regarding the book cited the book for its “extra-biblical” and “problematic” assertions and the lack of any medical evidence that the boy was clinically dead during the surgery.


Where Is Colton Burpo Now? Wikipedia & Biography

As per the sources, Colton Burpo is reported residing in Eagle County. According to Distractify, Burpo seems a 2019 graduate of Victory College. 

Furthermore, he frequently travels to different places from the cities like New York and Los Angeles to share his story and make a television appearance. 

Not to mention, Burpo has been on various high-profile talk shows, including Hannity with Sean Hannity and The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, both on Fox News. 

Now Burpo lives a happy life with his fiancee, Pearl Hess. On February 14, 2022, Burpo posted a picture proposing to Hess. 

What Happened To Colton Burpo?

When Colton Burpo was four years old, he suffered a burst appendix. And Burpo was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Burpo suffered through various difficulties, and even his doctors thought he wouldn’t make it, but miraculously, he dragged through. However, a few months later, he started making peculiar remarks to his family about things that Burpo claimed he had seen in Heaven during his surgery.

At first, his father and mother thought it was strange, but when Colton began to disclose details about his family that he couldn’t have perhaps known at such an early age, his parents agreed that he must have genuinely seen Heaven. 

For his parents, Colton’s surgery was an excruciating experience. It was not only about their son in critical condition when he was admitted, but it also took some more days for him to recover, during which time his distraught parents considered he was going to die.

Follow Colton Burpo On Instagram

Colton Burpo is active on Instagram under the username @colton59, where he has accumulated 26.6k followers. 

More to this, Burpo is hyperactive on the platform and often shares pictures featuring his partner on it. Besides, Burpo has shared 35 posts on his Instagram handle as per today’s date.