Elizaveta Peskovo, daughter of Dmitry Peskov, is not featured on Wikipedia. We have all the information about her in this article. 

Elizaveta Peskovo is covered by all the media as she has been also getting affected while two countries, Russia and Ukraine are having a war. She is surprised and upset by Russian sanctions.

War has been always a matter of life-changing moments. We can see many people died due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Everyone is getting affected in one way or other. 


Detail About Elizaveta Peskova – Wikipedia

Elizaveta Peskova has not been featured on the Wikipedia page yet. But she has been on the web as she showed her frustration over Russian sanctions. Due to international travel sanctions, she could not have her holiday.

She said, the sanction imposed on her family didn’t cause financial harm but were completely unfair and unfolded. She regrets not being able to travel around the globe.

As per her, she is not involved and knows not much about the situation between the countries, yet she had to comply with the enforced sanction that ruined her travel plan.

What Is Elizaveta Peskova Age?

As per the resources Elizaveta Peskova’s age is 24. She was born to her father Dmitry Peskov, and mother Ekaterina Solotsynskaya. Her parents got divorced, her mother was the second wife of her father.

She was born on January 9, 1998, in Moscow, Russia. She is a Capricorn as per astrology. She attended Moscow State Institute of International Relations and Moscow State University, EDC Paris Business School.

Currently, she is all over media as she lashed out on Telegram after she and her family had their assets frozen for what the Treasury Department called “enabling Putin’s unjustified and unprovoked war.”

Meet Elizaveta Peskova, Dmitry Peskov Daughter On Instagram

Elizaveta Peskova was born to her father Dmitry Peskov is a Russian diplomat who is the press secretary for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. She is active on the social media platform.

Her Instagarm account has been registered under the username @lisa_peskova. She has 251K followers as of March 2022 and got 123posts. She often posts her pictures with her family.

She has posted a photo with her dad with the caption that reads, “I get asked quite often how I react to hate-related to my family. And today I came across a comment in which a girl asked how I react to “reproaches for my father.” The translated version might not match her language and post meaning.