The rumor that Michael Che is leaving SNL is circulating the internet, but why do some fans believe it?

Michael Che, who has been a cast member since 2004, is the most recent cast member to ignite whispers of a possible exit from the long-running show. He’s best known for co-hosting “Weekend Update” with Scarlett Johansson’s husband, Colin Jost.

Che’s possible departure appears to be linked to the revelation that Che is launching his own show, which will premiere on HBO Max on May 6.


Is Michael Che Really Leaving SNL?

After doing a set at a pop-up concert in a Minneapolis hair salon this week, rumors that SNL writer and Weekend Update star Michael Che might be quitting the comedy program began to circulate.

Che announced his departure from his post as a member of the anchor desk on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update during his set, according to a Star Tribune piece published after the show.

The Star Tribune clarified, however, that the SNL writer did not go into any further information about his reported resignation.

Where Is The Weekend Update Host Going?

Michael Che didn’t give any specifics about when or why he’ll be departing. In January, he surpassed Seth Meyers as the host of “Update” with the most appearances. Jost is the only one who has more.

During the pop-up event at Steller’s Hair Co., Che, 38, was provocative. He made it plain in his adult-themed show that he did not want to discuss the news. Che was curious after asking an audience member if she was from Ukraine.

In his 40-minute set, which was filled with expletives and sexual innuendo, the native New Yorker alluded to growing up in the projects and was self-deprecating.

Che has expanded his horizons outside “SNL.” He made an HBO Max series called “That Damn Michael Che” and a Netflix comedy special called “Michael Che: Shame the Devil” in 2021. He appeared to be trying new material in his stand-up performance on Friday.

He began the broadcast by discussing aging. “When you’re in your 30s, you realize you don’t need as many pals,” Che remarked, adding that by your 50s, it’s just you and your partner. “Then she’s gone when you’re in your 60s, 70s, or 80s. Only you and the ducks are left.”
After breaking up with Julia Fox, Kanye West offered comic Michael Chen three salaries to leave the Saturday Night Live sketch show so he wouldn’t have to deal with Pete Davidson.

The piece has subsequently been shared on various media platforms, including Reddit, where fans have speculated on Che’s possible departure from Saturday Night Live. While some speculated that it was merely a “joke,” others expressed how much they will miss Che and his Weekend Update co-star Colin Jost.

Michael Che has made no official statements concerning his rumored resignation from the anchor desk.

What Happened to Michael Che?

This isn’t the first time that rumors about Michael Che’s departure have surfaced.

He was rumored to be departing the show in April of last year, ahead of the broadcast of his HBO Max show, That Damn Michael Che.

According to Variety, the comedy launched on HBO Max in May of last year and was renewed for a second season in July.

Che’s departure was also mooted last month in the heat of Kanye West and Pete Davidson’s feud. Kanye West allegedly offered to double his SNL salary if he quit working with Pete Davidson in an Instagram post, according to US Weekly.