Denish Huskins’s parents or family never gave up their support for her.

“20/20: Gone Girl” on ABC investigates the 2015 home invasion and kidnapping case, which was named after the well-known novel and film because of striking parallels.

On March 23, new couple Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn were awakened in the middle of the night by an intruder who claimed he would not hurt them. Read till the end to learn more about the case.


Denise Huskins Parents: Father Mike Huskins And Mother Jane Remmele On ABC 20/20 Tonight

Denise Huskins’s parents, father Mike Huskins, and mother Jane Remmele could not believe it when they came to know that she had been kidnapped.

Denise’s story is featured on ABC 20/20. Denise was dumped off in an alleyway in Huntington Beach, California, two days later, near the neighborhood where she grew up. She arrived at her mother’s house, but there was no one to be found. 

She borrowed a phone, dialed her father’s number, left a voicemail, and headed over to his house, completely unaware that both of her parents were in Vallejo looking for her.

Denise works as a physical therapist in California, her kidnap had been taken as a fabricated story by authorities in an initial phase. She had shared her culprit on her Instagram page.

Where Are Denise Huskins Family Now?

Denise Huskins is the daughter of Mike Huskins and Jane Remmele. Both of them never stopped praising her for her beauty, strength, and bravery. They could not believe it when they learned in March 2015 that their girl went missing.

She was kidnapped. Mike expressed his dissatisfaction, “It’s like a nightmare from which I can’t wake up.. this isn’t meant to happen.” Jane adds, “It just doesn’t feel right.. for her to let someone take her.”

Mike and Jane are living in California, as far as we can ascertain, but they wish to stay out of the spotlight. We hope they are leading a happy life ahead.

Meet Denise Huskins Siblings

There is no information on Denise Huskins’s siblings. She doesn’t share or talk much about her personal life. However, her siblings have not come forward and shared anything also if she has any siblings.

Denise is on Instagram with the username @hsukins. Denise has over 750 followers and 22 posts as of April 2022. She has posted her personal lives related concerns there.