Tennis: Who Are Dimitar Dimitrov & Maria Dimitrova? Grigor Dimitrov Parents

Dimitar Dimitrov & Maria Dimitrova, parents, gave birth to Grigor Dimitrov on 16 May 1991 in Haskovo, Bulgaria.

As reported on Darik News, Maria Dimitrova is an executive director and member of the Management Board. Additionally, Dimitrov is also a member of the Management Board.



The supportive parents of Grigor have supported him in every step of his life. In 2020, there was a controversy on Grigor Dimitrov Foundation.

Maria clearly stated that she preferred to focus on onboard activities rather than his son’s charitable activities. On the other hand, she supported the Grigor Dimitrov Foundation.

Dimitar Dimitrov & Maria Dimitrova Age Gap

Dimitar Dimitrov and Maria Dimitrova might have a small age gap. Unfortunately, there is no record about here age gap. Grigor, 30, started his initial career at the age of three. 

Calculating the age of Grigor, his parents might be around the late ’50s. Probably, they married in their mid-20’s. 

As of now, they might have an age gap of 3-5 years. Grigor has revealed the photo of his mother on his Instagram account @grigordimitrov, a verified account.

Woefully, he has not shared pictures of his father. His parents were also related to sports.

Dimitar Dimitrov & Maria Dimitrova Family Details

Dimitar Dimitrov and Maria Dimitrova might be living with their family members.

Reportedly, Dimitar and Maria are from the sports field. His son Grigor is also a professional tennis player. Maria was a sports teacher and a former volleyball player.

Dimitar, a tennis coach, influenced his son to play tennis games. As a family, all the family members support each other in their struggle days.

Talking to their family, their son dated Maria Sharapova in late 2012 but broke up after the 2013 Madrid Open.

Likewise, he dated Nicole Scherzinger, an American lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls.