In the Jerry Springer show, five white children were featured from the Kries and Thomas Family, and many are now curious as to where those Racist Kids are today.

“The Jerry Springer Show” provides a forum for young people to share their views on racism. A panel of 9 to 14-year-olds who have been taught to despise Blacks, Jews, and everyone who isn’t White faces an audience of youngsters.

The youth come to share their vision of white supremacy with their parents, but what they discover instead is an eye-opening look at how children interpret adult behavior.” Type of entry for the Peabody Awards in 1993.

The fathers of the panel’s five white children, three from the Thomas family and two from the Kreis Family, join them on stage to explain why their children are taught to hate Jews and non-whites.


Where Are Jerry Springer Racist Kids Now?

As of now, the stars of The Jerry Springer Show are leading their own lives. However, their current location is unknown. 

Sarah Thomas, Josh Thomas, Pastor Mark Thomas, and August Kries, alongside his two children, went to the Jerry Springer Show for a heated debate.

August Kries III was fired from “The Jerry Springer Show” in the 1990s after referring to Koch’s reputed hobby of manufacturing lampshades out of the skin of concentration camp detainees.

August Kries III attempted to forge an alliance between Al-Qaeda and the Aryan Nations in the 2000s, but AI-Qaeda rejected his offer. The federal government found him guilty of pension fraud in 2011.

Jerry Springer Racist Kids: Who Is Sarah Thomas?

Sarah Thomas is one of the performers of The Jerry Springer Show. She appeared on the show alongside Josh Thomas and Pastor Mark Thomas.

Besides that, there is no further information reachable on Sarah Thomas on the internet. She is currently living a low-key life away from the limelight.

Sarah Thomas was one of the five white children who joined “The Jerry Springer Show” in the episode of “A Racist Family” to express her views about racism.

Jerry Springer Racist Kids Story And Wikipedia Bio

The Jerry Springer Show aired from 30 September 1991 to 26 July 2018. The show was hosted by Jerry Springer and aired for the twenty-seven seasons and about 5000 episodes.

Olivia’s relative Kries has a reputation for harassing neighbors and townspeople he disagreed with. He was accused of various offenses but was never found guilty of any of them.

August Kries III trained his children to hate Jews and non-white people. He, alongside his kids, went on ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ to share their message of white supremacy.

At present, the biography of Jerry Springer Racist kids is missing from the mainstream page Wikipedia. Thus, no information is reachable on Jennifer Kreis, Sarah Thomas, Pastor Mark Thomas, Nathan Thomas, Amy Kreis, and Jennifer Kreis.