John Richardson, 74, and Angela Richardson, 64, were discovered dead in the wood of their country house near Goring Heath.

The couple was about to be evicted from their house when bailiffs phoned the cops after receiving a suspicious letter.

On June 8, cops discovered them with gunshot wounds.

Who Are John Richardson And Angela Richardson?

John Richardson, 74, was a former journalist and publisher, born in Yorkshire. He and his wife, Angela Richardson resided in the mansion home near Goring-on-Thames, South Oxfordshire.

Angela, 64, was a company director whose death was confirmed at 10.50 a.m. along with his husband’s at their home address by a police officer.


The cause of both of their death was determined by a post-mortem study to be a shotgun gunshot to the chest. John’s brother-in-law recognized his body, while Angela’s brother recognized her’s.

A coroner launched an inquest into the couple’s death on Thursday, revealing details of their death at the magnificent Bensgrove Farm on Goring Heath.

Their bodies were discovered by police officers who were summoned by a bailiff that was on the property of the couple to evict them.

Chief coroner for Oxfordshire Darren Salter opened up the reference to ‘Mr. Richardson battling with financial issues.’

‘It is claimed that on June 8, bailiffs approached their property in relation to eviction.’

‘When the enforcement officer and landlord arrived, they discovered a letter on the door stating that they were in the wood at the top of the yard and to inform the police.’

‘Police were summoned, and the bodies of a guy and female with gunshot wounds were discovered outside the garden in the woods.’

John Richardson And Angela Richardson, A South Oxfordshire Couple Found Dead

South Oxfordshire Couple, John Richardson and Angela Richardson were found dead on the same day Bailiffs came to evict their mansion on June 8, 2022.

They were discovered dead in the woods of their huge country house.


According to Chief Coroner, on January 18, 2023, a complete inquest will be held. Further information about his financial issues and problems will be released after the investigation.

John Richardson And Angela Richardson Left Suicide Notes

Police discovered a suicide note along with John Richardson and Angela’s bodies inside the property. It was more like a handwritten message and a typed note in the form of suicide notes.

However, the officer has not revealed the contents of the notes. People believe he committed suicide owing to a financial problem, based on information released on him thus far.

The suicidal notes will be crucial in further investigation.