People are curious to know about the parents of a professional basketball player, Killian Hayes who is playing for the Detroit Pistons.

Killian Hayes is one of the popular young players who has been able to set his mark on the team in a very short interval of time.

People are getting curious to know more about this fantastic player after his successful match and they are eager to know especially about his parents.

Who Are Killian Hayes Parents?

Killian Hayes was born to DeRon and Sandrine Hayes who have been incredible parents to him.

They gave their best for his upbringing and provided him with everything he wanted and currently, he has been working hard for making them proud.

His parents are his biggest support system as they were also involved in sports during their active time which was his main inspiration.

Killian Hayes Dad DeRon Hayes & Mom Sandrine Hayes

Killian Hayes is very close to both his dad DeRon Hayes and Mom Sandrine Hayes as they love him more than anyone in the world.

His dad DeRon was a former basketball player who was professionally under the association of several French and American basketball teams.

Likewise, his mother was also a former basketball player and she was a native of Cholet, France, where Killian grew up with a passion for basketball.

Although he is in a good relationship with both his parents, his father has got more influence on him as he spends most time training with him.

Who Is The Girlfriend Of Killian Hayes?

Killian Hayes has been quite silent regarding the information about his love life and we do not know anything exactly about his girlfriend.

As he recently became part of the NBA team, he must have been focusing more on his career rather than on his love life as seen online.

Although he is present on social media handles like Instagram, we cannot find many details about his relationship and partner as of the present.

From this, we can believe either he is actually single or does not want to share the personal details about his partner respecting her privacy.

How Much Is Killian Hayes Worth?

The net worth of Killian Hayes is currently under the estimation of around $200,000 – $400,000 as of 2021.

It has been more than a year since he became a part of Detroit Pistons and this club has been paying him handsomely as an annual salary.

Before joining this NBA team, he was under the association of another professional basketball team in Germany who was also paying him generously.

Furthermore, we can follow him under the username @iam_killian where more than 200 thousand people are following him.