18-year-old Michigan State University basketball player Max Christie is the son of athlete parents.

Freshman Max Christie is already making the rounds as one of the most promising players of the 2021 basketball season. 

Even seniors formed Gabe Brown can’t stop singing praises about the lad. From the moment he signed the papers, that was an energy in the crowd that wanted to watch him play.

Moreover, his ease in the game and willingness to enjoy himself got him Illinois Gatorade Player of the Year.



Who Are Max Christie Parents? Meet His Dad & Mom

Max Christie is the son of atina and Corma or Max Senoir. Playing basketball was in his legacy as his parents were previously athletes as well.

During his college days, his father played for Parkland College. 

On the other hand, his mother was a 1-000 point shooter while she attended Northwestern University.

According to his Wikipedia page, his father left this career to become an aircraft pilot, with his mother becoming a psychologist.

Moreover, he also has a thirteen-year-old brother named Cameron.

Max Christie is not related to American basketball coach Doug Christie. 

Rumors of their relationship may have arisen as they work in the same profession and share the same last name. But the men have no connections with each other.

Although both are African American, Doug is originally from Washington, while Max is an Illinois native.

One thing is for sure both men are incredible athletes who have made themes known individually.

Max Christie Age and Height Details: Where Is He From?

Cormac Carl Christie Jr was born on the 10th of February 2003. At present, he is 18 years old.

He stands at six feet six inches or 1.898 centimeters and weighs about 190lbs.

The American athlete grew up in his hometown Arlington Heights, Illinois. While there, he studied in Rolling Meadows High School, where he got introduced to the game.

He committed and enrolled in Michigan Stage University in 2021.

Does Max Christie Have A Girlfriend? Meet Him On Instagram

It seems like Max Christie does not have a girlfriend currently. For now, the university is keeping him occupied with training and games.

As it’s his first year in college, he does not have time to look left and right.

He works hard to prove to the university that they have made the right choice.

Max is available on o Instagram as mchristiejr. Here, the verified account has a following of 21.9k followers.

He likes to keep things [orfessioa nad most posts high-end stills form his games.