A 71-year-old man who rarely went to church opened fire at an Alabama church on Friday.

Authorities say that the suspect in the church shooting, a 71-year-old man, went to services at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, where two people were killed and another was hurt.

The situation is being looked into, and the person who did it will be caught as soon as possible.

Who Are Walter Rainey And Sarah Yeager?

Walter Rainey and Sarah Yeager were the two people who died in the attack.

Walter was 84 years old, according to the police report, and Sarah was 75. On the other hand, they still don’t know a lot about their family.

The mayor of Vestavia Hills, Ashley Curry, said the following on Thursday night: Even though the news this evening is very sad, I send my deepest condolences to the people who were shot at the Church.

He also said, “I’d like to thank the first responders from all agencies who have worked so hard since the incident started on behalf of myself and our community.”

Alabama Church Shooting: What Happened Exactly?

Ware says that the man pulled out a gun and started the fire at a church buffet dinner where other church members were present.

The suspect is a white man who is 71 years old and sometimes goes to church. He pulled out a handgun and started shooting, hitting three people. Since the suspect did it on his own, there is no ongoing threat to the community.

Police say that Walter Rainey, an Irondale man who was 84 years old, died at the scene. A 75-year-old Pelham woman named Sarah Yeager died at UAB Hospital. A woman in Hoover who is 84 years old was shot and is still in the hospital.

Ware also said that police were called at 6:22 p.m. and that someone at the gathering “subdued the main suspect and held him down until law enforcement arrived.”

Ware did not explain why the people were shot. He also refused to name the person who did it, who was caught by police at the Church. He also said that the man’s name would be kept secret until prosecutors charged him with capital murder.

Is Suspect Identified? Is He Arrested?

Early Friday morning, the suspect was taken to the Vestavia Hills Police Department and put in jail. Ware said that warrants charging him with capital murder would likely be filed later that day.

Early Friday morning, the suspect was taken to the Vestavia Hills Police Department and put in jail. He was likely to be charged with capital murder later that day.

Ware says that investigators think the suspect did everything by himself and are trying to figure out why.

Authorities said Friday that a 71-year-old man who shot two seniors and hurt another at a church group meeting in Alabama on Thursday night was kept under control by another person until police arrived.

Capt. Shane Ware of the Vestavia Hills police department said that an 84-year-old woman whose name was not given was being treated at a hospital on Friday.