Aaron Darnell Edwards was arrested over the charge of drug distribution on April 13. To your knowledge, he is a 20-year-old Princeton resident.

Aaron Edwards and Qunzell Gavan Payne were arrested by Wythe County Sheriff’s Office on April 13. They were detained and charged with drugs and possession of weapons, according to the report.

The case will be followed by details and information.

News: Who Is Aaron Edwards Arrested Over Drug Case Charges?

Aaron Darnell Edwards is 20 years of man from Princeton who was arrested over the charge of drug distribution.

The Wythe County Sheriff’s Office arrested him along with two other individuals on April 13 after they imported methamphetamine into the county.

According to the sheriff, they brought the drug with the intention to distribute it. Edward together with Qunzell Gavan Payne of Bluefield brought 2,900 grams (6lbs) of methamphetamine to Wythe County.

During their arrest, deputies discovered them to be in possession of a loaded Smith & Wesson 9 millimeter pistol.

They were both charged with distributing 250 grams or more of methamphetamine. It is punished by a statutory minimum of 40 years to life in prison.

Similarly, a day before, Antonio Isaiah Reynold was arrested after allegedly bringing 181 grams of methamphetamine into Wythe County to sell. Investigators believe he hit a Wythe County Sheriff’s car while fleeing the area.

There is no report on whether or not these individuals have any relationship or are on the same team.

The police are presently investigating the situation, and further information will be forthcoming.

Did Aaron Edwards Face Jail Sentence? Mugshot Details

Investigators believe that if Aaron Edwards is proven guilty, he is bound to get a minimum of 40 years of a jail sentence. His mugshot is all over social media.

His mugshot shows he has medium brown curly hair and a lightly trimmed beard.

When it comes to his other partner, Payne, he has short curly hair and a thin mustache. You can see their pictures above.

Similarly, if convicted, Reynold faces a mandatory minimum term of 20 years in jail and a fine of up to $1,000,000. The disparity in their jail sentences is due to the amount of drugs they were arrested with.

Edwards and his companion were caught with 250 grams or more of methamphetamine, although Anthony was detained with just 181 grams.

We will provide you with further information on the case as soon as it becomes available.

Is Aaron Edwards Locked up In Prison?

Aaron Edwards is currently under the custody of the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office. He will be subjected to more investigations before his jail term is completed.

As of now, he may be in prison as he was arrested for a huge amount of drugs.

Wythe County Sheriff will update you regarding the case if any update is made.