Anna Jobling was born in Malaysia to an English father and a Malay mother. She is an actress. In the Melur Untuk Firdaus series, Jobling is known for playing Melur Untuk Firdaus.

The show just showed the eighth episode of the first season. The main character of the story is Melur, who loses his best friend and becomes sad as a result. His parents then put pressure on him to marry his girlfriend, Dee.

The drama is based on the book My Rude Wife, which has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter because of funny and romantic scenes with Firdaus and Melur.

Anna Jobling Boyfriend 2022?

Anna Jobling has not said if she has a boyfriend or not.

On her Instagram, however, it looks like she and her Melur Untuk Firdaus co-star Meerqeen are close.

They put cute pictures of them on their Instagram pages.

But neither side has made an official statement about it yet. So, by 2022, Anna Jobling is probably still single.

Anna Jobling Biography Details?

Anna Jobling was born to her parents on August 14, 2000. She was the only child they had. People say that her parents are from different countries. Her father is from the United Kingdom and her mother is from Malaysia.

Senior Jobling, Anna’s father, worked as an engineer for an oil and gas company. On the other hand, her mother was a manager.

Jobling was also brought up in the Muslim faith. Jobling was born in Kuala Lampur and went to an international school.

Anna is her parents’ only child. So, she is said to be an only child. She is also part of a mixed Asian and European group. She also tried out for Teen Goddess in 2018–19 and made it to the top four of the show.

Meet Anna Jobling On Instagram?

Anna Jobling’s Instagram name is @annajobling, so you can find her there. Her account has been proven to be real.

Anna has a lot of fans on the platform. She has over 497k followers and more than 800 accounts that she follows.

Anna is very active on the site and posts pictures of herself and her co-star from Melur Untuk Firdaus, Meerqeer.