Who Is Alexey Bychkov? Russian Soldier On Twitter & Reddit, Assault News



Alexey Bychkov is a Russian soiler who apparently raped a 1-year-old child in Ukraine and posted the video on Telegram.

A 24-year-old Russian soldier raped a baby of 1 year and shot her. This was followed by him posting it online and calling it his fierce move. Numerous people on the internet are giving out their thoughts on it.

Let’s get to know who the criminal is and his charges.

Who Is Alexey Bychkov?

Alexey Bychkov is a young soldier who serves the armed forces of the Russian Federation. He was born on 1st May 1997 and is currently 24 years old as per his citizenship. Similarly, he has a passport dated May 12, 2011.

Further, he got his driving license on 8th October 2015 and is currently living in Krasnodar Territory.

All the details on Alexey got released by a furious group of Internet users on Twitter. They responded to his child’s sexual abuse video in their own way giving out all his personal details to the general public.

Apart from his job in the military, there is nothing known about his career and educational background.

Alexey Bychkov Is a Russian Soldier On Twitter & Reddit

After Alexey posted the problematic video of himself abusing a little one and shooting her, calling it a fierce one, the video has been circulating on other platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

There are several insensitive people who are actually looking for that and another bunch is contributing to circulating it. However, as it violates the community guidelines of Twitter, we suppose, it will be deleted soon. On Reddit, it is easy to spread such pieces as it is a platform for inappropriate content.

Netizens are actually furious to the core seeing a young soldier capable of such a heinous crime. Plus the audacity to film it and upload it on his own shows that nothing actually scares him.

The reaction on social media includes people throwing up to the man and passing comments regarding the incident in total disbelief.

Is Alexey Bychkov Arrested?

The news of Alexey Bychkov being arrested is yet to surface on the internet. What he did is a crime that surely deserves life imprisonment or the death penalty and people are waiting for the information to be broken on it.

For now, it’s only people on the internet showing their anger at the man and the video he created.,