Who Is Anthony Felix? Gunman Shot As He Fired At Officer Arrested Charges Explained



Who Is Anthony Felix? Gunman Shot As He Fired At Officer Arrested Charges Explained: A man named Anthony Felix from Joplin MO has been in the headlines right now after being involved in a shooting in which three officers were shot. The man has been arrested with the charges of shooting three officers. This news has been making the rounds on the internet and gaining huge attention from the netizens. Everyone is shocked after getting the news of the shooting. The people who got the news are now searching for all details about the gunman and his charges. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about Anthony Felix and his charges. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Who Is Anthony Felix?

Some sources, as well as Fox Now, reported that the gunman is involved in the shooting in Joplin, had a history of criminal activities on his back. From committing theft to the assault on officers, his background check has released more details about the
man. Evidently, the man had a previous showdown with the officers and it was the same incident on Tuesday. Anthony was shot and killed in the shooting with the officers, while the other three officials were also engaged in the incident, one of them has died and two are in critical condition.

Anthony Felix Arrested

The gunman, Anthony Felix from Joplin MO is the suspect of the shooting that happened on Tuesday. He also has a criminal history. He has a record of these kinds of activities from back to 2010 when he was detained on charges of stealing or receipt of stolen mail. In the year 2019, the news of his second arrest came out when he was sentenced to about 18 months in jail with assault charges.

The charges of Anthony Felix are related to harassment of police officers including the shooting. He shot three officers on the shooting scene before being killed in the accident. In case, he came out alive, he would have been charged with several counts of murder and an attempt to murder. Although, since the man has died, no charges have been filed as there is no guilty party alive. Anthony Felix has died now in a shooting incident. The rest of the officers are in a critical situation. We hope that they will come out of danger soon and will be fine soon. We will update our readers soon with further information. Stay tuned with us for more updates.