Anthony Freeman Brown has been charged with aggravated murder in relation to the shooting at an Ohio Walmart.

Anthony Freeman Brown, 32 from Hamilton is a prime suspect in the deadly shootout that happened at Walmart in the northern suburbs on Thursday night. The next morning, at 6 a.m., the investigative team seized him in Butler County Jail and charged him with aggravated murder, armed burglary, and possessing firearms while disabled.

Brown will be hauled to Butler County Area II Court, according to Sgt. Mike Farthing.
“We are excited for our day in court. He is deemed innocent, and I am going to undertake my inquiry to find out what evidence they have supporting the claims against him,” Clyde Bennett, his attorney, claimed.
His parole bond is set at $5 million, according to Court Judge Kevin.
The matter will be heard in Butler County Common Pleas Court again next week, on Tuesday, for a hearing to exclude testimony.
After the shooting police tracked Brown via cell phone pings. He stayed in the Roosevelt Boulevard hotel until he got arrested.
According to witness accounts, he shot Adam Black in the head, who died at the scene, and another in the chest.
According to witnesses, the second victim was rushed to UC West Chester Hospital in a critical stage.
Eyewitness accounts offered authorities a depiction of the attacker, that he was wearing a COVID-19 mask.
Per the police report, these eyewitnesses stated that the suspect attempted to take products from the electronics department.
“After a consumer interfered, the male suspect was able to break free and rush toward the front of the store, where another shopper attempted to stop him.” “The suspect drew a firearm and fired and murdered the shopper,” police said in a statement.
“Another individual in the neighborhood was also hit by a gunshot and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Hamilton PD discovered the suspect vehicle, and investigators are interrogating a passenger in that vehicle as well as additional witnesses.”
As per authorities, the accused fled the scene after the killing victims. He was later arrested.

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