A 12-years Liverpool schoolgirl Ava White was brutally stabbed to death. A 14-years old boy is accused of murdering her after thrusting a knife into her neck. 

The news of the death of a young schoolgirl named Ava White has horrified people. Liverpool Crown Court has seen the footage of “altercations” which led up to the stabbing in School Lane after she objected to being filmed.

According to the reports, the court heard a video had been posted on the social media site Snapchat by the defendant. The video shows White sitting on the ground, surrounded by friends, on Richmond Street.

In addition, the footage played in the court shows  Ava and her friends approaching the defendant, who was with three other boys. Ava was seen running after the defendant and his friends across Church Street and into Church Alley before turning into School Lane, according to CCTV.


Who Stabbed Ava White?

On November 25, 2021, Ava White died from her injuries after being stabbed in Liverpool city center while she was out with friends. According to Liverpool Crown Court, a 14-year-old boy killed Ava with a knife with a 7.5cm (2.9in) blade.


She had gone with friends to watch the Christmas lights turn on in Liverpool city center on November 25, last year. Ava and the boy got into an argument after she objected to him filming her messing around for footage intended for Snapchat.

The teen has admitted to possessing an offensive weapon but denies murder. The boy, whose name is hidden for legal reasons, has gone on trial, accused of murdering Ava.

Snapchat Row Got Schoolgirl Ava White Killed

As per the reports obtained online, the boy was making videos of the girls for Snapchat. When Ava White asked to stop them from making videos, she was mercilessly killed by stabbing her in the neck with his flick knife.

It led to cause catastrophic bleeding that was to prove fatal. The court heard that the boy was smirking, laughing, and running away while Ava was screaming for help.

Mrs. Justice Yip, the judge, told the jury that the defendant had attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and that they might see him using a fidget toy to help him concentrate.

Meet Ava White’s Parents: Facebook Photos Explored

Ava White was born to her parents Robert Martin and  Leanne White. She also had a sister named Mia with whom she grew up. Her known-ones are paying tributes on social media including Facebook.

The funeral of the young girl at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral in a white horse-drawn carriage. There was a photograph of her at the service which covered her coffin.

Hundreds of people, including many children, gathered in Liverpool for the funeral of the young girl. Her family and friends are devastated after her unfortunate demise.