Billie Eilish manager Danny Rukasin is currently one of the most famous celebrity managers in the United States. Get to know more about him in this article.

  • After finishing his studies, Danny Rukasin started working as a brand manager in Tour Hippos.
  • He has exposure to working, handling different major problems of celebrities.
  • Rukasin is trusted by artists, producers, mixers, such as Oliver Riot, The Gifted, Nick Dungo, etc.
  • With years of dedication, Rukasin has achieved success in his field.


Billie Eilish Manager Danny Rukasin Age

Billie Eilish manager Danny Rukasin has 23-years of experience in the music industry. Although he hasn’t revealed how old he is, probably Rukasin is in his late 40s.

With a focus on artist and client development – Danny stepped as an artist years ago. However, he didn’t succeed as an artist and became a celebrity manager.

Furthermore, he developed different strategies which worked out with the record label artists.

As of now, Rukasin has worked with six artists – and now he co-operates with film producer Brandon Goodman for Billie Eilish.

Danny Rukasin Wikipedia Biography

Danny Rukasin has been featured on the Wikipedia biography page of Billie Eilish.

He worked for 5years for The Hippos and then continued as a Ticketing manager in AEG Live.

It is unclear where he did do schooling; however, Danny finished B.A. Psychology in 2005 at the University of Southern California.

Danny started his job in Working Group Artist Management in 2009 – and it’s been 12 years since he worked as Artist Manager.

Danny Rukasin Net Worth Revealed

Danny Rukasin must have a collected good amount of net worth in his entire career.

The salaries of Celebrity Managers in the US range from $28,060 to $187,200, with an average salary of $62,940.

Rukasin hasn’t revealed how much he earns despite being in public interviews many times.

Danny Rukasin Instagram Account Details

Danny Rukasin posts about his private life on Instagram.

Also, he is available on different social media such as Twitter.