Learn everything about the man named Brian Miller aka Michael Miller who is the convicted murderer of his wife Adriana and his entire family. 

Brian Miller, also known as Michael Miller, was found guilty of murdering his wife Adriana and her family.

Moreover, Andrew Thomas, the Maricopa County Attorney, has charged a Glendale man with two charges of first-degree murder for stabbing his family members.

Michael Brian Miller, 29, contacted police on May 30 to say that he’d just slain his family.

Where Is Brian Miller Now? Michael Miller Glendale AZ?

As per the reports, Brian Miller was honest about his wrongdoing when cops arrived on the scene.

His 10-year-old daughter and wife were both deceased. His four-year-old kid was seriously hurt. Miller had taken a knife to them, and the police were about to witness a bloodbath.

Michael Brian Miller also contacted the cops on May 30 to say he’d just slain his family members.

Cops allegedly arrived on the scene without delay and discovered Miller was serious about his wrongdoing: his better half and 10-year-old daughter were both dead.

Brian Miller Wife And Family Murder

Brian Miller is known as the murderer of his entire family including his wife and their children.

Michael Miller, a resident of Glendale, Arizona, was married to Adriana, his long-term partner.

At the time of the incident, the couple had a four-year-old child and a ten-year-old small girl.

Miller’s brother, Mitchell Miller, wept as he spoke to the court, saying Michael was a kind and devoted husband and father who was suffering from a mental illness.

Miller’s 4-year-old child was also said to have been seriously damaged. Miller had put a sword to them in fact; officials should face a horrifying repulsiveness exhibition.

Furthermore, the case torments folks since Miller personally injured the entire family.

Brian Miller Age And Wiki

Michael Miller was a 29-year-old resident of Glendale, Arizona. In addition, he was in the news in May 2009 for a homicide case.

Since he valued his child the most, the mill operator declared that he had injured him the most in another breeze.

Miller was bipolar and psychotic, according to court records, and felt the “devil and God” forced him to do it. Miller stated that he stabbed his kid the most because he loved him the most, in another twist.,