Sophie Lasry is the daughter of billionaire businessman Marc Lasry. Here are some interesting facts about her personal life, relationships, and many more. 

Sophie Lasry is an American personality who is recognized as a famous family member.

Indeed, she is known to be the daughter of a billionaire businessman.

Sophie is the only child of a businessman Marc Lasry who is seen on the media this often.

Because of her amazing wedding in NYC that happened about 4 years ago, in 2017, she is pretty much seen on the media and web a lot.

Since her wedding was between 2 billionaire families, it had numerous celebrities making the wedding a really big deal.

Hence, concerns regarding her relationship with her father, her age, Wikipedia, and other related matters are at their peak.

Who Is Sophie Lasry? Marc Lasry Daughter

Sophie Lasry is the daughter of a famous American businessman and hedge fund manager, Marc Lasry. 

Firstly, regarding her father as an individual, He is the co-founder and CEO of Avenue Capital Group.

Secondly, she is also the co-owner of renowned NBA team Milwaukee Bucks.

Sophie is one of the 5 children of Marc Lasry. Hence, she has 4 siblings: 2 brothers Alexander Lasry and Zach Lasry, and 2 sisters Emma Lasry and Samantha Lasry.

Moreover, Marc Lasry is married to his wife Cathy Lasry, most probably, the mother of his 5 children.

How Old Is Sophie Lasry?

Sophie Lasry’s age appears to be over 30 years old.

However, her exact date of birth or birthday is not revealed yet.

We have estimated her age range based on her appearance and her father’s age.

Sophie Lasry Husband And Wedding

Sophie Lasry is married to her husband, Alexander Swieca. 

They got married in the year 2017 and are together ever since.

Their wedding was a big hit, as mentioned already because both of their families are billionaires.

Indeed, stars like Jennifer Lopez and the Clintons were present at the ceremony, which happened in NYC, United States.

Sophie Lasry Baby

There is no information regarding if Sophie Lasry has a baby or not.

It is already over 4 years of their marriage, so it does seem like she would have a baby.

However, there is nothing relating to this matter as evidence.

She is seen pretty much over the web and media, so if she had a baby, it would be difficult to hide her away from the paparazzi.

Meet Sophie Lasry On Instagram

Sophie Lasry is on Instagram under the username @selasry.

Here, she has over 3800 followers and more than 400 posts. But unfortunately, her account is private, and only a few selected individuals can view her feed.

Still, she has a public count on social handles like Twitter and others.,